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    I have a request for any DCPer attending tonight. Please find HookemCavies and get a picture of him AFTER the Cavaliers' performance. I want to see his face!
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    that's so not true - it only takes me about six beers
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    Step 1 - Don’t change anything about the percussion staff. That’s all I got right now.
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    ahhhh the blue stars. Here we go! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    If you don't find the fight for the 12th spot to be of competitive interest...you're probably just not a fan of drum corps. I'm even intrigued and anticipating the fight for who gets to be seen on the big screen on Friday night of championships.
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    You need a better seat to watch the men in green. Take mine. Section E row 14. You have a PM to know what I am wearing and know how to spot me
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    Any replacement of Britney has got to be worth some points.
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    Bloooooo! Let’s party like it’s 1968!
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    I knew when you saw and heard them you would proverbially wet your pants. I happy they delivered for you !!!!!
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    Most of Crowns drill belongs to another time and era, but it doesn't mean it can't be used effectively still to this day. Crown has proven that. A Sacktig Crown to Townsend Crown would be pretty epic.
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    I bet you can find a corps that would let you run through a chord progression and perhaps corps song in exchange for a donation of a certain amount. Also, the techs probably are not the ones conducting warm up. Perhaps you should consider volunteering at a high school band? I live in the "real world" as well but I spend a lot of time with a high school marching band (hundreds of hours a season).
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    Sorry! 🙂 but I feel like I kid on Christmas morning
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    Clean undies? You know what mama says.
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    What in the world is stopping FLO/DCI/Corps from securing the Sync Rights to offer a DVR Service, To offer Full audio and Video recording of past shows? Surely ASCAP and BMI don't intend to stop a free market. The prices for these fees are negotiable.. Quick math here tells me FLO is charging $150 a year per person. I venture to say they have 20k to 30K Active FLOmarching subscribers. So annually they get 3 million to 4.5 Million is Revenue from Subscribers. (just ballpark, I'd be curious to know the true number, my estimates where based on the fact that they have 105,000 Instagram Followers) After paying the cost for the people running shows, maybe 4-5 people per show that are on tour you'd figure that they are hanging onto at least 1.5 - 3.5 Million after cost. Wouldn't there be some room to secure a sync license for each show. And if the cost is so prohibitive, then why wouldn't DCI help FLO in sharing this cost. Why wouldn't DCI try to get Exceptions from the rights holders and argue for the educational value of these performances to bring the prices down.. IF having the Sync right to the shows (that allowed for DVR and Archives) meant that the cost of the annual subscription went up $50 per subscriber wouldn't you pay to have that access? I would, in a heartbeat. I don't know the details but It just seems to me like DCI freaked out after having the copyright issues questioned/fined a couple of years back and sold their soul to the First company who came along. Why can't DCI sell Ads to recoup the cost of the additional Sync licensing fees. I would not mind to see ads from the top Sponsors in the activity run throughout the stream similar to what we have for Regionals and Finals right now.Run ads during the Archives so that the Sponsors get maximum exposure for their buck. What about Selling Title Sponsorship, Similar to what is happening tonight at Belton, the Yamaha DCI Regional Championship, Like College Football Bowls but for DCI. Anything but sitting back and allowing Flo to destroy the product for now the third year is just simply crossing your hands and giving up while Taking in loads of cash. At this point if I were DCI, When this current Multi-year contract ends, I would hire 20 Intern Aged kids give them 3 Really good Cameras (One for each recording crew) Two boom Mics each to follow the tours around and provide a live recording from the box at each show. Stream the shows through Twitch or some other well established Streaming service that can handle the bandwidth of 25,000 Viewers and spend the rest of the money on the fees required to have DVR function and watchable archives of shows during the season. Prioritize whats important, Good High quality streams that wont fail because of limited bandwidth. Great Sound Quality, "In the stands" Sound that are exactly what an audience member would hear sitting in the stands. Little to no shows that are not Live streamed, Guarantee all TOC level shows are Live. DVR Functionality during the Live Performance time + 3hours. Archives of shows, In-season that can be watched at any point. Not Important In the lot access, Lothype, Youtube and other Independent media companies have this avenue covered, if you wanted to watch something in the lot you can probably watch it without having to watch through FLO. Designer Interviews, Dan Potter and Marching Roundtable are doing an amazing job of this already and if given official access through DCI can cover all of the corps and news during the pre-season to satisfy the fans who crave BTS access. Multicam run by an unexperienced person that is making poor decision on what to focus on and when. Please do better DCI.
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    Okay Blue Stars, beating Cadets for the first time since 1980👀 posted from the DrumScorps app
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    You're "Live" there so you can report back to us. If there's a lot of wind, BD could have trouble when the guard burst out of the doors with the rifle tosses. Previous show, there were missed tosses cause the wind blew the rifles back into the props.
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    Yep. It was Mason who should get all the credit for 2010-2015. Komnick loves to act like he's been the mastermind of those years. He is not.
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    I'm a traditionalist. I like when a corps does their logo/crest,even for a few seconds. The Crown,the Cross,the Flour de lis,the PR Crest are, to me, paying respect to who they are.
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    The activity would have a larger following if,,,, DVR or pay per view was available. The ,,,,,,,,,,,better quality, reliable streams is a separate issue. But it is the or should be the easiest to correct. I can't understand why some without financial or personal reasons would come in and prop them up.
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    not interested in how hard or easy things are for the instructors. that's a red herring. (and the only reason drill is far easier to teach is because they've been teaching it for thousands of years (come on, we have living dinosaurs) so tools have been created to optimize the transfer of information from instructor to performer. that efficiency has come through a lot of hard work) again. if a drum corps wants to be a real dance ensemble, have at it. but that's not close to what they're doing. mostly they're just running from prop to prop, maybe a little climbing, and then pose and play. hardly what anyone would call choreography. yes there's choreography when they're not playing but that has always been the case in the past 20-30 years.
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    Requiring people to dance who can’t dance is painful to watch.
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    It's the paranoia... Political paranoia.
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    Honestly, i just hope and pray Bloo get's the percussion together. So when BD goes around them, there is no built in excuses for people to latch on to, like whats gonna happen over the next 24 hours.
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    There are times when I’ve wondered “what if” in regards to having gone the music education route, especially over the past few years of watching one of my kids go through four years of band. (Somehow I managed to go UNT and march three summers of drum corps and still avoid it.) Once I hit 30, it all came to a head and I pulled a 180 degree career change like you’re talking about— I left my full time job, went back to UNT for more undergrad classes and started applying to professional school. It’s no picnic, but can be done. (I have the crushing student loan debt to prove it.) I still haven’t decided on my third career choice...
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    Thank you for actually reading. I'll respond to your point about "soloist in broadway often aren't featured dancers". 100% agree. And when they are singing and dancing, their choreography is designed to allow the musical contribution to win. I'm not railing against drum corps dancing. I'm against the idea that somehow dance is replacing drill. This a bold face lie. DCI is fundamentally music in motion. The motion part is what sets it apart from concert band (standing still and playing). It has traditionally been held up as the highest level of music and motion (read EXCELLENCE). Now some programs are completely substituting standing for moving. And when they move, their movement is entirely functional. There's no art fluttering a blob from one place to another. The result -- while it can be rarely entertaining (Bloo & the GE caption) -- completely fails on the visual sheets if they were being used properly. There's no excellence at all. So we've transitioned from something musicians can learn to do well to (choreographed marching) to something musicians will never do well (dance). You'll note that is was not ME who brought up Broadway (or even more absurd -- ballet 😱). This is the explanation being put forth by some designers. But the argument is paper thin. When you start to look at a what makes Broadway, Broadway, drum corps fails on every single point. Sure what corps do today is choreography. After all choreography is just planned motion. But the product has moved from incredible virtuosity to outright bad. Colorguards "get away with" dancing because they work REALLY REALLY hard at it. They make hornline members look clumsy. But if you speak with most members of a guard, they will be the first to admit that what they do is "colorguard dance" (ie the excellence is not comparable to actual dancers). ((and exceptions made for the actual dancers who are colorguard members -- they exist but are a small minority)). So the excellence has vanished. And designers are effectively misleading their students about the whole broadway comparison (because most of them have no clue about it). And judges have been led down this path by the kings of reducing error-exposure. The effect on the sheets is (visual) judges simply accepting whatever corps choose to field. The criteria on the sheets don't apply to most of it and the judges are not equipped to simultaneously evaluate the 130 members pretending to dance anyway. If they WERE equipped to properly evaluate it, it would receive very poor marks (btw this is what DCI-age dancers in an ensemble, competitive setting actually look like). DCI designers made sure there's a minute and half of drill thrown in to give visual judges something to evaluate so they don't feel ENTIRELY useless because everyone would notice if the tapes were completely empty. All this is wrapped up in "look how INNOVATIVE we are". So we've transitioned from excellent movement and excellent musicianship while moving to objectively bad movement and musicians standing still when playing. It's sad. I have no objections to corps using dance when there are designed interludes where they aren't playing. It makes sense there and is far preferable to standing still. And the trend away from "body" to dance is a good one! Members are being instructed (albeit briefly) in sound fundamentals And yes it's bad but it's uniformly bad and it's NOT the core product. The core product was still music and motion. I'm not a dinosaur calling for a return to bugles. Instead I'm asking what's always been an elite activity at the TOP of it's game in excellence to stay there. Do what you do well. Abandoning "excellence in every moment" can't be anything but the wrong direction. A last point to consider. In the days before flutter-blobs were the preferred means of locomotion, if a corps moved from one place directly to another with the obvious and transparent intent of "traveling to the next stop", this was slammed as "functional". Instead the drill designer was challenged to creatively use their ART to accomplish the task in a pleasing and often surprising manner. Now we have corps moving members from one prop to another in an ENTIRELY direct, functional way. How is this is defended? "Oh have you never seen dancers travel"? Well, yes, we have. But there is ART in their motion. Nothing is functional.
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    I like this idea a lot - might answer a lot of questions for you about the role etc and then you can take it from there "more informed"
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    so many? they literally took it out the next day. I must have missed the protest and online petition of tens of thousands
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    I still love 2015 Bloo but I have to admit I liked the show even more at the tour premiere than I did at finals when they added a bunch of changes
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    Spirit's Neon Underground shirts glow in the dark.
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    The Mandarin's shirts (yes, there are 2 of them!) are super soft. Much better quality than last year's.
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    there's less traditional drill today, and i was trying to ask questions open-ended enough to promote discussion about the difficulty of what traditional drill has been replaced with as of late. i toyed around with putting "corps style choreography" in the question, but people like you would have quibbled about that phrasing just as much. getting at all of the stuff you got at is a natural part of discussion for rational adults. so maybe a better overall question would be "Is the stuff that has replaced traditional drill easier to teach/learn, or harder"....but again, I think your sort would've quibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbled
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    I see, so posts are only off topic if you declare them so. Here's an excerpt or two from DCI's website (notice not a single mention of the word professional), bold emphasis mine: For nearly a half century, Drum Corps International, Marching Music’s Major League™, has been the leader in producing events for the world’s most elite and exclusive marching ensembles for student musicians and performers. .... Thirteen original founding member organizations formed the Drum Corps International collective in 1971 to organize and unify leadership for youth-focused competitive drum corps events throughout North America. Directors of those competing groups sought to unite their corps by providing opportunities to perform together—in the end building a foundation for future success. ... DCI sanctions two classes of drum corps participation in North America – World Class and Open Class. World Class corps generally have older, more experienced students and tend to achieve levels of excellence commensurate with the experience and skill levels of the students and their instructional staff. Open Class corps tend to be smaller groups, often populated by younger students. Approximately 20 percent of students who participate in an Open Class corps ultimately become part of a World Class corps.
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    That counts in my book!! I assume you had a couple ice cubes...that's water, right? Cheers!! Enjoy everyone!! I be following along at home, anxiously waiting for tomorrow (my fist FLO of the year)
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    Cadets percussion is definitely throwing down this summer. A joy to watch and listen to.
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    Excited to see what a second panel thinks of (most) of the top tier! Really we only have the scope of one set of judges, who knows what tonight’s panel and tomorrow’s might see.
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    Cavaliers finished 5th to 4th Bluecoats by 1.9 points on 7/18/2017 Tonight, Cavaliers finished 6th to 5th Crusaders by 1.8 points on 7/16/2019. Anybody remember final placements in 2017 in Indy? I sure do 🙂 Go get’em Cavaliers. Reel those Crusaders in! Splooie!
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    You seem to do that a lot when someone says anything about your generation You also then tend to stick around in the thread. Reminds me of the people who post multiple times that they're quitting DCP or DCI and come back lol
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    That really isn't necessary. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    I have my Chicago Bears NFL approved clear bag ready to roll next week. I’ll be representing chi town. 😂
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    I’m so glad you mentioned Culver’s. The food is pretty darn good and they have delicious frozen custard.
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    Sadly my face looks like a funhouse mirror. But thanks for the compliment.
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    Bingo...it’s like the scene from Amadeus... “It’s quality work...and, there are simply too many forms; that’s all. Just cut a few, and it’ll be perfect.” 🤡 “It needs more emoting! Show me more unison writhing on the ground in agony because mountain climbing is exhausting!! To hell with the triumph of the human spirit; show me...SUFFERING!!”
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    4 years ago, The Cadets won San Antonio. 3 weeks after that, 4th. Good luck everyone!
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    I saw this new ending that was added one time where a whole Corps got in a line across the field (perpendicular to the end zone), and then moved forward as a group in tandem, directly towards the audience while playing really loud. It was cool...
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    nope same old ending to tour....Indianapolis, again.
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    Last year in Katy was so hot, I saw two trees fighting over a dog.
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    Hey, a first year Columbians mom here. Thanks for the love! This little snippet from the Columbians description may clarify why our season is short: "...Dedicated to the idea that the Columbians be "a local corps for local kids," keeping costs low for members and keeping expenses for the corps down were major concerns for the corps' leadership. A short, local performance season was their solution." Watching all the different corps this year for the first time was so inspiring...you are all such talented musicians and performers! Long live drum corps!
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