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    I suggest you look up DCI 1988....
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    after watching most of BOA finals tonight, with the amount of bodies and the props craziness, 150 is more than enough
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    And you and your horn will be minty fresh.
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    From DCI website today, edits are listed. Over 2 minutes of Blue Knights, Cavies, and Boston shows are cut, and over 3 minutes from Blue Stars...42 seconds of BD as well. We can discuss the licensing issues ad nauseum, but honestly, this all just stinks. Something has got to be done to fix this so that everyone gets paid appropriately and the shows still stay intact. Probably will never happen, but it just seems wrong to not see full shows after the kids and staffs work so hard. So frustrating...
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    Not DCI, but Kidsgrove Scouts are doing "24601 - A Les Miserables Story" in 2018. Design staff includes, John Meehan, Scott Johnson and Sean Gordon. Unfortunately we won't be coming to the STates this year, but this is gonna be an amazing show. We are fully expecting to march another full sized corps with a brass line expecting to top out over 50 members which is huge for Europe.
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    Happy to report that no mms died of frostbite in the making of this drum corps.
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    New promo video out from Boston titled... " 2017 was just the beginning ".
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    so Hop is going be there too?
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    I know that we are discussing the act of omitting material based on copyright laws now but I wanted to reiterate that wicked game has been cut from the performance titled wicked game.
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    Maybe a mini-mob or moblet?
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    I hope I'm still alive when Tresona goes out of business.
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    Literally one of the very few fantastic uses of a vocalist ever in the marching arts... How dare they...
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    Yes, there was a lot of secrecy. I estimate it was less about hype and more about allowing designers privacy to try on ideas and experiment before committing to a theme/concept. 'Tis the season for tinkering.
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    The only thing I would change is having a drum majors retreat on Friday night and announce the scores at the end of the show. And possibly start Semifinals about an hour or two earlier. Friday night tends to run on way too long.
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    One simply cannot leave George of the Jungle off of the list.
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    So lets start a new petition for DCI to legislate that corps hire safe bus drivers and van drivers. I am sure that if we don't do this corps will go out and look for unsafe drivers with DUI and bad driving records. And DCI needs more pages in its rule book, I am sure corps do not have their own policies in place and Dan Acheson needs a petition to bring more restrictions on the corps. Parents who were ready to pay money for their kids to have a good summer learning experience will have second thoughts, they thought DCI was safe, but now after seeing this petition they may feel that their kids are unsafe on Corps busses. This may make it easier for some kids to join corps if those parents have second thoughts. Of course anyone who is opposed to signing this petition obviously doesn't care about safety and we can accuse them of wanting accidents to happen and of being against bus safety. Obviously anyone who would not sign this would be anti- safety and pro drunk driving while transporting kids so everyone should sign this.
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    My CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. T. Andre Feagin, formally with THE ACADEMY, my beloved Corps that I have had the absolute Honor and Pleasure of serving as a volunteering, since it's inception as a competitive Division II Corps with their "Debut" in 2004. Incidentally, I marched with a BAC (Boston Area Corps), The defunct, Simplex Minutemen Drum & Bugle Corps of Gardner, Mass. from 1965-1972! All the Best to Dr. Feagin, and the Mighty Boston Crusaders in 2018 and Beyond. Cheers, and ENJOY!
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    they'll only be able to do this shows in certain stadiums. Lucas Oil is NFL so that means they'd have to be kneeling. So sad on Veterans Day. RIP all in my family who never came home and those who were fortunate to come home safely.
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    BA has moments this year which rival top 12 DCI - they have a music hit about 3 minutes in that is fricking amazing Here it is in standstill Avon is amazing this year - the last two minutes "this is our testament" The fantastic message of Jay Webb is brilliantly woven into their 2017 program
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    Against this entirely. Shows would not become more appealing or musically better by cramming more bodies onto what is already a very crowded field. Then you add exponentially more cost, not just in buses but food, Insurance and management. Its also undeniable that the older and more experienced members would always gravitate to the top six corps. This is why the NCAA adopted hard roster limits for all scholarship sports. Bigger name schools with more resources would just sign kids to stand on the sideline to keep them from competing with them at another school.
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    Then I guess we're done here. Thanks for the info. DCI does have a policy.
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    I will publicly apologize. However i do get really ###### off when self proclaimed experts question me on this matter, as I am a member of the administration in a sanctioning body that has had to deal with this very type of concern. that said....from more than a few calls and emails made today, DCI does have a policy manual in which this is covered. They in fact are contacted frequently about allegations towards individuals, accurate and very false and they do research them. I know the concern over one individual discussed here and elsewhere is this: the legal system cleared them. Pleading to lesser charges, even if jail time is incurred, can wipe the slate clean, which allows them to then participate in the activity. Background checks will be clean. Now...would i take a chance hiring that person? No, and probably end up being sued for saying no. It's the world we live in. One other person mentioned in various forums, while clean legally, was fired. The DCI policy manual, like their rulebook isn't for public consumption. Discuss as you wish. But this topic is being discussed at the highest levels, and in fact will probably come up at the upcoming board meeting. As for why DCI has said nothing publicly? Dunno. I will say this...in my mind, if you do bring it up, while many may applaud, many others may come flying out of the woodwork with accusations. Some so old, it may not be verifiable. So, IMO, DCI is in a ###### if you do, ###### if you don't scenario on that part. But they are aware, and do have a policy. people with a seat in the room confirmed it. emphatically every one.
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    That, and the beginning (Fly to Paradise) to Crossmen's show in 2015.
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    This is the common criticism of this idea, and it's not wrong. But consider this: no corps plays music verbatim anyways, and even after someone (super talented) has arranged it, staff (other than arrangers/composers) make tweaks literally all season. We're at the point now where you don't even need an actual musical score by all days - just a framework that can be adjusted throughout the season. You'd eventually just get decent composers and great tweakers (wrong word?) evolving within the drum corps activity, just like we have great visual techs and designers that have evolved over time. Also with the rise of electronic music composers who can literally put together a 20 minute musical program in a few hours, combined with the rise in transcription software, writing an all original musical framework doesn't feel difficult at all anymore.
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    Pointing out people getting carried away with rumors and speculation in a thread titled "2018 Show Announcent(sic)/Rumors?"
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    Ditto on Saturday night finals when half of the Worldwide Chamber of Commerce each have their photo taken so a cheque comes across next season. The mad dash to get everyone off the field and out of the stadium by midnight because the Colts have a game the next day does not lead to a safe situation for anyone. Because GH and some of the DCI board are insomniacs doesn't mean that fits everyone else.
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    Ah give the guy a break. He was so sure the Cadets were just going to pass Boston, Cavies and BC last season. He loves the Cadets no matter what and the VETS are returning (from war?) in 2018. He's kind of amusing.
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    you know what happens when you use that word in all caps right? George comes back on
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    Sorry to read that GD is leaving, even if it's temporary. Maybe he will come back using a different "name".
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    Oh, no doubt you are right that there is no driving desire within DCI for such a thing. Doesn't change my personal opinion. Why should it?
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    If it is a family, it is in bad need of family counseling.
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    The prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston is apparently not immune to a " petition " plea demanding that changes take place along these similar lines too. The President of the school said they have fired nearly a dozen faculty members in recent years alone over sexual misconduct. It seems the Berklee School President and School board there have a very low tolerance level for sexual misconduct by staffers with its college aged students. But it appears that many students there are demanding even more be done by their school. https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2017/11/13/silent-protest-planned-at-berklee-after-globe-report-on-sexual-harassment-investigation
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    For historical perspective, this Nation initially began with " a petition ".. to King George of England. That incidentally, if Gallup was around and did a " poll " may not have had majority of support among the citizenry at the time of " the petition " to King George. There are no doubt good and bad " petitions ". Only time itself will tell us if this Petition was needed and/ or worthy. I'm always a little leary however when people work overtime to end " petition ' drives... sometimes even before the ink is dry on the petition itself... which, if we read the 1st page of this thread here, all manner of attacks ( seemingly now unfounded ) were made on the petition organizers, their petition, and their motives for it. I think everybody should just calm down now a bit more, let the petition go forward, and see what comes of it. I'm hoping some ultimate good comes out of it. But... we'll see.
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    I think his/her point was perhaps to separate the logic of this particular petition approach from the emotion of the particular issue to which it was directed. Inability or unwillingness to separate those things has all but prevented rational discussion that might lead to finding the most effective solutions to our concerns about the best interests of the marchers.
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    Whats the WORST that could occur with this petition to DCI ? That DCI discards the petition after conferring with their legal counsel.. that informs DCI they have sufficient policies and procedures on this issue already in place ? Well then, so what ?.. no real harm was done with this petition, now was there ? But what if it triggers a belief within DCI/ Corps that they can actually do better ? Is that so BAD ? . So whats the real downside here on this petition ? Compared with the potential upside with it, it seems a worthy effort... unless I'm missing something here.
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    Corps already have plenty of options for which shows/how many shows to do, where to tour, WC/OC/SoundSport - the full variety of competitive, financial and time-commitment levels are served. And what does raising the 150-member limit have to do with that, anyway? Not sure we were seeing the same webcast. I tuned in for most of the Grand National semifinals. Generally speaking, designs were constrained by the same prop excesses that characterize the current DCI top-16, then further constrained by slower movement and (for the bigger bands) more people crowded into the remaining space. If you find BOA more impressive than DCI simply because they are bigger ensembles, good for you. BOA could use the fan support. The rest of this post looks like a recycled G7 presentation. That debate has already been had. I am of the opinion that less corps, even if they are bigger, will lead to less people marching overall. And taken too far, less corps creates an untenable business model - then you have no corps.
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    I like the fact that I get the MBA/BOA stuff as part of the subscription, I hadn’t watched marching bands in many years. Their sound and video aren’t that great at FLO, but I can deal with it
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    Well you can hear the crickets after requesting the document. Some amazing stories being told on Reddit. Not a one mentions a DCI policy enforcement.
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    Has anyone actually seen, read or have a copy of this so called DCI policy, or is it tucked away in one of Al Capone’s faults to be discovered at a later date?
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    "Why do you rob banks?" "That's where the money is." Actually, as a more serious answer, I believe much of it has to do with the trends in hiring teachers/instructors who are not yet old enough to (a) make mature decisions, or (b) view themselves as sufficient removed from the student population on order not to view them as natural and potential mates.
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    https://web.stanford.edu/group/maan/cgi-bin/?page_id=297 Only about 2% of all rape and related sex charges are determined to be false, the same percentage as for other felonies (FBI). So while they do happen, and they are very problematic when they do, people claim that allegations are false far more frequently than they are and far more frequently than for other crimes.
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    When 27th performed for the opening ceremonies in the 1980 Olympics, the solution to valves freezing was antifreeze.
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    This must be you. He's wearing Crusader red.
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    Let's do the Crown Warp again.
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    I marched in a huge college band - there is a point where the field gets just too crowded. Props certainly don't help either. So, I say , go back to 128 members - the idea was that this would only require 3 busses (less carbon emissions, better for the planet, cheaper for the Corps). This could also help increase membership of smaller Corps (Pioneer come so mind) Flame shields up
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