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    All is well in Crown-land. Great turnout this weekend for the brass and drums. The corps worked through a couple of minutes of show music, and it sounds amazing. Talent level for both sections is consistent with last season, no drop off at all. Still have no idea what the show theme is, and Jim mentioned to the audience that the corps is still working to secure the rights to all of the music. One or two hints, the show will have a lot of power right from the beginning, and the intro will have fans off their seats. And, there are a lot of freaking notes. More than I've heard from Crown, maybe ever. If you are a brass player, you will LOVE what Michael is writing. Thats all folks! Carry on, nothing to see here.
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    Hi there! I am a member of Pioneer's horn line, and I just want to get a good word out about our recent January rehearsal/audition camp. For anyone that was there - we already know how exciting 2018 is going to be for Pio, but for those of you who were not able to hear about it, here I am to tell you. Pioneer is doing some amazing things to start this year, with a near entirely new musical staff, exciting design choices, and a massively improved level of talent from our current members, 2018 is looking to be absolutely amazing. Below is a link to a video I posted sharing my thoughts about our recent January camp. Please give it a look and continue to be better every day!
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    Just heard the Donor videos from this camp. Cavaliers have upgraded their horn line. Got to see my kid stand in a solo slot in the arc, but that doesn't mean a thing yet, because they haven't auditioned for solos yet. If he earns one, I'll probably just go ahead and pass out of pure pride. Gonna be a GREAT summer for the Cavaliers!
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    Nah. I think you made your point by the fourth usage of "Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer." We can probably guess where you stand with a little bit of confidence.
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    Yea, I thought about that too before I posted that, but then I thought it would be nice to give some kind of camp update. It's been pretty boring in here and I just wanted to put out some fun news. Hope I didn't offend. Just remember they didn't post that comment here. I did. ...and I did it without making any other predictions about how that will turn out in the end for them. Honestly, I've heard many years of January drumcorps. Sounded as good as anything else I've heard over the last almost 30 years in January from a drum and bugle corps... It is obvious that the brass program has switched directions towards more of a DVD approach to sound. The rep as written now is pretty darned meaty, though that can be watered down as the season arrives. Anyway, just trying to have a bit of fun here! I know they're all way ahead of where they were last year at this time... It's just that **I** don't say that every year; for the record, when a corps is "behind last year", I'll say that too. So for this corps THIS year, it is true... They're ahead of schedule.
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    well, I have never been to a show where the electronics were dialed back. Pretty sure the electronics only have 2 volumes: super loud and painfully overpowering
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    I never said they were top experts at it. if you've read anything I've said for the last 13 years, you'll see time and time again where i've called on the judging community to send harsher messages with their scores. I use "get off my lawn crowd" for those who continue to rant about it, always adding the caveat of seeing it going away, and then insulting others. It ain't going away. Like it or not, it aint going away. calling people names isn't going to make it better either. people have been #####ing about something in drum corps, usually something new or daring since, oh, day 2 of drum corps. yet drum corps has progressed. Despite now universal love, bayonne in 76 got lots of complaints. So did Cadets new styles of drill and music in 83. BD pretty much any year since 2007. And thousands of other examples. Not once did calling people names change anything back to what was. if anything, it drove some to change it more.
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    So... I’m admittedly the new guy on this page, but just to make sure I understand how things work, If choosing to “rant,” rules of civility (like name calling, referencing demographics, etc), limited logic, and broad generalizations are fine? Does a rant need to be declared, or is it assumed when the above occur in some combination? (Sorry, couldn’t help it. I say this somewhat in jest... ) Since I’m new, I’ll confess I’m just a longtime fan. I love what I consider “old school” which I define as 70s+ (and certainly respect older than that), as well as the current shows. I thoroughly enjoyed last season (we saw 6 smaller shows last year plus finals weekend... plus Flo which only sorta counts). In fact the highlight for me last year (in addition to cheering for my kid of course) was being there to see the SCV alumni show! As others have said, I agree that some attempts at mic/amp use were better than others. One of the things I appreciate about this activity is the ability for the corps to try things and learn. It’s a tough balance, trying to be on the leading edge, but also needing near perfection to remain competitive. The leader has to let the team take some risks, and accept when something doesn’t work perfectly. As a leader in a different community, watching how corps work through it all is as interesting to me as the watching the shows themselves. I don’t presume to tell anyone what they should like or how to think, I just wanted to clarify there is another point of view.
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    Having spent several years with boots-on-the-ground in Open Class, it's pretty obvious the overwhelming majority of the kids are fine with electronic sound effects, amps, etc. As for miking the brass, the jury's still out on that. I've heard a looooot of kids say they didn't like it so much last year, but are waiting to see what comes next. Mike
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    It was great while it lasted. Too bad with such perfection, nothing could go wrong ... go wrong ... go wrong ... gooooo wwrrrooooonnnnngggg .......
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    here i'll do a brief summarization of where DCI is since A&E first passed: from 2004 to 2010, numbers dropped...attendance, corps, kids.....economy was also an issue at the time the numbers hit rock bottom. since 2011, with a minor dip in 2012, numbers have continued to increase. Paying fans, corps, kids marching...... so something is obviously worked. in 2010 you had maybe what....11,000 people paid for finals? LOS is full on concert side now. Regionals keep posting huge numbers. DCi is doing better filling big stadiums day in and day out. web viewing is up, and theater attendance is up. if it ###### that many people off.....the numbers wouldn't be growing. I'm not a fan of everything trotted out with the changes. in fact, i'll contend SCV's reliance on the mic'd brass ensemble hurt their brass core and cost them a title.So in some ways i do think judges punish groups for it...just not enough.
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    Not if you want it be still be a secret. That's just not how that works.
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    I guess we'll just disagree. Neither his post or mine are generalities pushing one POV and saying it applies to others.. They were statements of fact. What you changed it to IS a personal opinion that is a vague generality pushing your own POV. I posted ".... they must want to participate in an activity that has plugged in." . Your "correction" is not a pure piece of factual information....it is your own opinion being ascribed to other people,. I did not say everyone who participates likes electronics, but if they choose to participate they are participating in an activity that has plugged in, plain and simple. Some number may not like it and still participate as you describe, while others like what they see and hear....my statement made no distinctions.
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    BITD they said similar things about Litteau, Zingali, Brubaker, Gaines, Weber, Prime, Hannum, DVD, Klesch, Aungst, McNutt, etc. May he be as blessed.
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    I snipped sections out to save space here. Whether I agree or disagree with anything you have posted here.. this is, without question, one of the best rants I've ever seen anywhere!!!!
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    Haha ... people keep speaking in generalities and using terms like “all fans” or “the audience.” Please speak for yourself. From my seat at finals (100 series seats) I saw thousands of fans on their feet cheering all night. Fans of all ages. There also seems to be no shortage of “children” trying out for these corps. The young men and women I know in the activity enjoy being part of organizations that regularly push creative limits and explore new technology ... and they don’t prefer to be referred to as children. I enjoyed the Flo video and thought they did a great job articulating their position.
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    I had watched that Flo marching thing with Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer that once again made the empty promise of ‘we’ll do better’ so of course I was annoyed. When? I’ve been hearing ‘we’ll do better’ with electronic since 2005. How will you do better, how will all corps do better? How will it be enforced? If they don’t do better what the other side? It was such a one sided sales job that was based upon lies upon excuses upon arrogant, patronizing posturing and the mea culpa did nothing to assuage my utter disappointment with ‘the production’ they offered by way of poorly utilized and implemented electronics. DCI is incapable of enforcing their own rules or standards so we get these ‘hack’ designers corrupting the entire activity so they can get a paycheck and be relevant in their drum corps Hamlet syndrome. Amplified brass will never sound as good as ‘live’ brass. I go to shows for live brass, it appears my only options will be watching scales in the lot. Effected brass often sounds nasty in Drum Corps because they don’t know how to play it or pull it off. Screw them, I had to buy earplugs for finals last year in order to avoid the 3-days of ringing ears thanks to the crappy sound production of Bluecoats at previous finals. I know enough about electronic production to see through the crap they pump out but apparently not enough to how hos some of these samples could possibly be legal. BTW, what’s DCI doing on that front, how do they check samples…what, they don’t? Shock! DCI has failed to enforce any standard of electronic in scores or by the rules. That fact alone is enough to reel it in. Again, what’s the other side of we’ll do better, what’s the ‘or else’? Nothing. It’s going on 15 years of broken promises, only a complete fool would trust them and how can Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer even speak for all of them? How is Spirit, Crossmen or Pioneer going to make good on his promise? This sound reinforcement scam that sells it as horn lines can play with more nuance undermines the entire visual staging trend. Another design short cut another visual cheat. But really, it’s more of the DCI Loudness war, a la Oasis which, the recording community is finally recovering from. Mr. Failed Professional Bluecoats Sound Designer answers don’t hold up, his solution is buying more amps. Great, more weapons in the sound war will keep us all safe. We’ll get better with more amps. How many speakers did Bluecoats have on the field last year, was it 26 or 36, I forget. More, more, more amps, more designer influence all at the expense of the marching membership input and dare say, eduction My objection to amps has nothing to do with them not being utilized when I marched; it has everything to do with how poorly they have been used and by the idiom. I like live brass. To dismiss my views on electronics as a product of my age is so disingenuous, insulting, bigoted and just wrong. But that’s the level dude is working on and yet, he’s in charge of the future of DCI? Good hands there folks. And now my turn to do what I despise Won’t anyone think of the children who have roundly rejected it along with the audience? And now, should we discuss all the poor design choices Bluecoats and other have made with regards to electronics?
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    From a rules perspective, I feel going the direction of making electronics better integrated/more organic is actually the wrong direction because the line is blurred even more concerning what is "live" and what is not. We are already seeing clever use of synth and punched-in samples to augment and buff the sound (imbedded mic'd horns a la SCV, electronic enhancement on soloists such as delay/reverb/chorusing, mic'ing entire line through FOH). It is getting hard to tell what is truly "live". Fast forward to a future of line array speakers and further enhancement and we will have a very "photoshopped" experience, a partially "real" partially "engineered" performance. Go to any pop music concert and this is what you already get. People now are so used to autotuned/ghost tracked performances that nobody really questions or cares anymore in the pop world. I'd hate to see drum corps go down that road. The unfortunate thing is all the audio smoke and mirrors takes the authenticity away- leaves me wondering how much of the sound is actually real and how much is faked by machine. This is the world we live in, though- CGI, Photoshop, auto tuned, flavor enhanced. I wonder what the low brass think about being buried in synthesized goo? How would fans like it if corps started cleverly patching in high brass samples or synth tones to reinforce high brass (who is to say this doesn't happen already in some form)? Drum loops to splice into live playing? At what point is it too much?
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    Forget it Jake, it's cowtown.
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    actually they can be quite useful. But no one praises those shows. they just ##### about the ones they hate
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    Joe Friday would be proud of you.
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    get off my lawn isn't an age thing. it's a mindset
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    Actually, these are the attendance numbers for DCI champs for the 4 years before and after 2004,plus 2004. They were actually lower before amps were permitted. 2008 Bloomington 20534 2007 Pasadena 24309 2006 Madison 21232 2005 Foxboro 20542 2004 Denver 22047 2003 Orlando 18865 2002 Madison 20230 2001 Buffalo 16406 2000 College Pk 18423 Personally, I don't think there is any attendance difference either way with the approval of amps. It is just information about attendance. Other factors IMO are far more important, esp the location of the show.
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    The little video of the front from camp last weekend has kind of blown up on Facebook with 25.5k views. I don’t remember how to embed the video, but here is an attempt. Cavaliers 2018 Front Ensemble
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    It's why the Electronics discussion at the Rules Congress never came to a conclusion, just sayin'
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    Hail our robot overlords! They need eyelids before going DCI though, otherwise the soloists can't wink at the cameras.
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    My thoughts exactly. And believe me, as a guy who was a strong Cadets apologist last year, I really want something good from them.
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    Is this what Kevin LeBoeuf brought back with him from Japan to Rosemont?
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    There will be no more praying in Allentown. The Mass has ended, go in peace.
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    K, well, if this whole Sound of Silence thing is happening, I'm super excited. I don't really immerse myself with the top groups of BOA, etc., and so it's new to me. It ain't Malaguena, you know? lol :-) It's recognizable for the majority of the target audience, and it's a powerful piece of source music. I plan on putting aside any baggage associated with the selection and pray for an incredible production by the '18 Cadets. Shoot, what if their theme was "Hello Darkness, My Old Friend"... oooo!
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    Except he is not speaking for thousands of fans.He is making factual observations on what he actually saw. "I saw thousands of fans on their feet cheering all night. Fans of all ages.". He did not make any note of their likes or dislikes on any single element, such as electronics. Just that they were on their feet cheering. Further he stated what is apparent from reading reports of audition camps...."There also seems to be no shortage of “children” trying out for these corps". Again, just stating that that there are lots of people trying out for the corps, so they must want to participate in an activity that has plugged in. Again, not trying to speak for them on what they think on this one topic.
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    Oh good, I thought he meant the sound was gonna skip constantly until you give up and throw it out. I miss the tapes tbh.
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    They're going to have to work overtime to get me hyped for SoS. Heard it waaaaay too many times this year during band season. Mike
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    Have loved Academy's recent shows, as well as some of their shows from years past. Favorites: 2016, "Drum Corpse Bride." Because how can you not put this at #1? Just a perfectly constructed show, and the closer still gets me every time. 2011, "(RE)." One of their best musical books ever, and that opening impact... Geez. 2007, "The Chase." Almost a decade before their first Finals appearance, this show came very close to making it there. Very fun, but also a step up in maturity from the year before, and a prelude to their recent string of lighthearted media-based shows. 2015, "A Step in Time." They proved everyone (including me) wrong by making Mary Poppins really work on the field. Very reminiscent of the late '80s Sky Ryders shows. 2006, "Danzon." The show that put The Academy on the map by winning Division II. So much energy throughout! Least favorites: 2013, "Piano Man." The only Academy show I've seen that I feel was a flat-out failure design-wise... although the German narrator did a great job. 2012, "Left of Spring." Certainly a unique take on a work often heard on the field, but it didn't really do anything for me and also left me a little confused. 2008, "Vienna Nights." Honestly I haven't seen this one, but something obviously went wrong here after they nearly made Finals the year before and then rebounded the year after.
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    Since there usually isn't much discussion from any corps, it was great to see and hear what is going on from The Cavaliers. Mr. Lugo is keeping the Donors, and Alumni well connected with the young men who are looking at marching with the Cavaliers. It will be a long time before we know how everyone is against each other since the first real match up isn't until Jul 20th and 21st.
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    Wonderful! Sounds like what I heard from the Cavalier's camp this past weekend. I have a feeling that they'll both be very close to one another this year! I can not wait to hear what Michael is writing!
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    Ok. Here are the results so far. 1. 1995- This show tallied more mentions than any other show from all the corps. I think that's awesome considering this show is you know...a drum corps Fan's dream 2. 1975 and 1988 tie 4. 1997 5. Tie 1999 and 1996 HMs for 1992, 2011, 1980 Least favorite tie between 2009 and 2017. I would like to see this tie broken lol. Thank you so much for your participation! This thread has been awesome to read!
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    First listen of the opener with the brass and battery in a small room.... ...and then there's a bit with a dog... Needless to say, we only get to hear the sounds from outside the room ( the dog would have gone nuts in there, plus the room was small ), but it's plenty loud enough to hear the music very clearly. The Pit's playing in a different room. I believe Chris said it was show music from last year, and then when they were playing he said it was intricate music from 2013. Sounded like a great group playing well together at a camp! This is their 1st callback camp, and the different sections are getting music a different times, so I assume they're playing this to see how well they learn and all of that... Sounds like the guard will be great again this year according to Lugo. 2018 is getting more exciting, especially when you can hear some 2018 music. No, they're not giving out the show theme, and no they don't want people to share what they hear, but you can get in on the action with a donation. I know they can plug their own stuff, but I thought it might be helpful for the lazy or busy if I just post this here: Our 2018 January Call-Back Camp for Brass and Percussion has begun! As things heat up this weekend here in Rosemont, we're launching our BOOST Program to build up our 2018 Brass, Color Guard, and Percussion Scholarships. Brass: https://payments.cavaliers.org/collections/boost-cavaliers-brass Color Guard: https://payments.cavaliers.org/collections/boost-cavaliers-guard Percussion: https://payments.cavaliers.org/collections/boost-cavaliers-percussion BOOST is simple. 100 individual tax-deductible options in small amounts ranging from $1 up to $100. It’s that easy, and every single dollar raised goes directly toward helping our students. ***For this weekend's BOOST Scholarship donors, The Cavaliers are amping up our commitment to you with INSIDE ACCESS, starting with exclusive FB Live sessions all weekend long showcasing the 2018 Cavaliers. Brass. Percussion. 2018 Teasers. January Camp Showcase...You won’t want to miss it!***
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    I'm so excited that troopers are doing black parade! I've always thought it would translate to the football field really well. I hope it works for them!
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    from current Cadet website (emphasis is my own and may lead to discussion.) Brass We are looking for a few additional lead trumpet players. Our ideal member will have great range, stamina, and look great in maroon & gold. We're also looking for a few more baritone players with great range and a full sound. Experience playing tenor trombone in a college jazz band is a plus when auditioning. Color Guard The Cadets Color Guard is looking for more men in 2018! With a lineage of members including Johnathan Schwartz, Sam Watson, Jim Moore, Eric Babula, Daniel Riley, Greg Lagola, Dean Broadbent, Martin Hughes, Bert Cousins and so many more* you're signing yourself up to be a great part of Cadets tradition. Additionally, we're looking to add nine more weapons for the line (just wait until you see what we have planned!) Phantom and others adding fellows to the guard again may have widened the opportunities. Also add Andy Toth, Adam Sage, Keith Potter, David Mieckle, ..no, not Rick Subel (he played baritone with Cadets before guys marched in guard.)
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    At least the robots would never have to worry about fracking a note during a really exposed solo.
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    This is a very important aspect if one chooses to use the dot method. 100% buy-in. A member must understand not just the dot but the form. One person off a dot ( depending on space and form ) can change many. Understanding form and what's expected should be understood.
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    Just saw a video of the front playing 2013 music and it was insanely good. It’s from the opener when the music really gets going. Excited for everything I heard yesterday and today.
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    Jersey Surf has announced their 2018 program Mondo Mandrian
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    Thanks (from all of us who marched that grueling year in 76). Looking back on it after all these years, I still believe if we would have been given a decent show to perform for the entire year we may have been able to compete with BD but rehashing an old show with a new opener and drum solo was not going to beat BD's master piece of a show.
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    I like Eric’s shirt.
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    "Mighty Madison Scouts": 1962: THE best hornline of that season in junior drum corps. Hands down. Best placement at VFW Finals (Sixth behind St Kevins Emerald Knights) and should have recieved the horn execution trophy. Best Madiosn corps of that decade. 1974: Gail Royer termed this the "Better of the two Madison corps" he faced in 74-75 DCI Finals, and I agree. Scouts breezed to a Prelim win, but their Finals show was eclipsed by SCV who did the "Went on in their Prelims Finish spot" to clinch the title. Fab show by the 1974 Scouts and one of my faves. Elphaba
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