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    I'm a father of a beautiful little girl who may want to march drum corps. When and if that time comes, I don't want her marching in a place that has hired someone who sent sext messages, set up a video camere, touched kids inappropriatley, etc. I don't care if it is a coprs I love or a corps i hate. I care about my daughters safety
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    so Hop is going be there too?
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    Thank God for piracy.
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    Literally one of the very few fantastic uses of a vocalist ever in the marching arts... How dare they...
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    I suggest you look up DCI 1988....
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    after watching most of BOA finals tonight, with the amount of bodies and the props craziness, 150 is more than enough
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    Is something broken? You get 150 and make do. You mange costs better and drill has more dynamic movement. And increasing size diminishes overall quality if not for one unit then at least for another. And those corps fighting to recruit and retain have a much more difficult go of it. Why can't some things just be left alone?
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    units that big on the field look like a mess to me
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    I am still amazed at the outrage over this petition. It's not even the least bit egregious. This is something LONG past overdue IMHO that if you are going to tout creds as "educational" and "youth" you better CYA and have policies in place. DCI puts all kinds of requirements on competing units, this isn't a stretch or a bad idea even. The amount of butthurt (outrage) seen here over a "petition" (that's not that bad IMHO) seems a tad over the top and perhaps there is more to this than we all know. Thou dost protest too much methinks....or something like that.
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    Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps 26 mins · Gino Cipriani and the brass team welcome T. André Feagin! Click below to read more! https://bostoncrusaders.org/…/gino-cipriani-brass-team-wel…/
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    This is an interesting discussion. Looking at the bigger picture of corps repertoire historically: - 19th Century corps music sounded like this: - in the early 1900's, Sousa began incorporating "Bugle Trios" in many of his marches, mainly to give the other winds a rest. The Thunderer is a good example. - when "modern" drum corps got rolling after WWI, these open tone tunes were still the norm until Bill Ludwig placed a horizontal valve on the horn. Voila! Enter diatonic marches and even some classics like Commonwealth Edison's Tannhauser and a few pop tunes like Over There, from Irving Berlin's Broadway show. - it's hard to pinpoint when "jazz" entered the picture, but it was probably the early '50s, depending how you define the term. By the middle of that decade, that Murphy cat in Lt. Norman Prince was wowing crowds with Sweet Georgia Brown, and Bobby Adair quickly followed in the Reilly Raiders with Stardust. Latin-inspired music had been around since the late '40's (think Caballeros, founded in '46). Even the Air Force Corps played Perez Prado's Mambo Jambo by the mid-'50s. - as entertainment trumped patriotism in the late '60s and into the '70s, Mangione and Tower of Power became source material. (The hippest version of Squib Cakes came from the Iowa cornfields, courtesy of Doc Crosser's Osage Precisionaires.) Capturing a jazz "feel" has always been a real challenge for corps ensembles, much more so for drums than horns. Given the current infatuation with velocity, there won't be much swinging on the field, and even double time gets crushed to the point of being mechanical. Do not despair, however. The pendulum and the music are sure to swing back.
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    Before I get started, I wanted to give credit where credit is due. Mingusmonk, and later Liahona, started providing show song titles and source music some time ago. We all truly appreciated it. We loaded up that thread with comments and it is a "pinned" thread each year. I was unable to use the Spotify links he originally provided in my office due to it being blocked for streaming. I took to my own this year and started setting up on "The Site That Shall Not Be Named" with a similar break-out of source music. THANK YOU MINGUSMONK & LIAHONA!!!!! I have been missing the music since the end of the season and decided to take on a new task of my own. As of this morning, all source music for DCI Finalist shows from 1979-2017 are available as a “playlist” on "The Site That Shall Not Be Named" and are public for you to listen to at your leisure. I figure you can choose a year and set it on random. That provides you almost a whole work day of music in the office. I can't promise that I got every title correct and if you spot an error, please message me and I will fix it. Here's how it works: Choose a year and add it to the end of "Drum Corps" and you will have your year. Example "Drum Corps 1979" I hope you all enjoy and I look forward to seeing many of you again this coming season.
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    What the F does this have to do with Cadets 2018? Some of your guys' obsession with Hop is pitiful. Something happened THIRTY YEARS AGO and you still have a grudge. Reveals a lot about you. If you want to start a Hop bashing thread, by all means go ahead. However, I'm more interested in what is happening this year, right now. Glad to hear camps are going well
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    New promo video out from Boston titled... " 2017 was just the beginning ".
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    And you and your horn will be minty fresh.
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    Totally disagree. IMO the talent top to bottom has never been better. The corps in 8th...9th...10th...and beyond are absolutely amazing today.
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    I marched in a huge college band - there is a point where the field gets just too crowded. Props certainly don't help either. So, I say , go back to 128 members - the idea was that this would only require 3 busses (less carbon emissions, better for the planet, cheaper for the Corps). This could also help increase membership of smaller Corps (Pioneer come so mind) Flame shields up
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    I'm not sure these arguments are helping the issue anymore. Sharing the petition on social media will be a better use of everyone's time. If someone doesn't like the petition, that's fine. They don't have to sign it.
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    I'm usually not the petition-signing type, but I've seen/personally dealt with enough BS to know that the activity is one "60 Minutes" exposé away from getting fundamentally damaged. I was in an organization that did a lot of things right, but still had too many "open secrets." It's encouraging to see some of the bigger organizations take charge, but based on some of the Reddit bombshells I've seen, more needs to be done.
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    actually Gar...they do. Just like they can demand a corps go off the road for financial issues, or not taking care of the kids properly. Remember DCi played a role in the troopers taking a year off. they play a role in looking at a corps books to determine who can be world class ( and should do periodic checks to be sure it's still valid). They stepped in with Capital Regiment. With Teal Sound. I'm probably missing some others. So if DCi can step in there...when the kids well being is affected due to financial issues, they #### well can step in if there's issues with staff with Rule#1 issues. And to try and spin that they can't is pure horse manure. DCI has already shown they can and will step in for some things when the kids well being is at stake. Well....for this topic, kids well being is at stake.Time and time and time and time again.
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    Can someone summarize the argument against signing this petition? From what I gathered, it seems people don't want this issue brought up because it reflects poorly on DCI and particular corps. But the point of the petition is to avoid that in the future, isn't it? That is, the petition requests higher standards to ensure protection of the marching members. Am I missing something here? What is the material objection to this petition?
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    My agenda? No one convicted in court in any instances like this or worse should be allowed around kids. I don’t give a flying #### what corps, band, classroom you name it.
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    I'm much more interested in what kind of show Madison will come out with for 2018 and what type of costuming will go with that program!! I'd still like to see them do a "Men of Steel" show.
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    From DCI website today, edits are listed. Over 2 minutes of Blue Knights, Cavies, and Boston shows are cut, and over 3 minutes from Blue Stars...42 seconds of BD as well. We can discuss the licensing issues ad nauseum, but honestly, this all just stinks. Something has got to be done to fix this so that everyone gets paid appropriately and the shows still stay intact. Probably will never happen, but it just seems wrong to not see full shows after the kids and staffs work so hard. So frustrating...
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    I see Stu's on a roll again. Good to know another topic has captured his fancy. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to remove the tag from my matress. You know the one. And maybe wash, rinse my hair, but not repeat. Or perhaps place my garbage can on the curb before 6 pm for tomorrow's pickup. That would be three violations in quick succession.
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    My favorite video of today's Dome implosion was from The Weather Channel...
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    Congratulations to the inductees and honorees!!! Well deserved!!
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    The only thing I would change is having a drum majors retreat on Friday night and announce the scores at the end of the show. And possibly start Semifinals about an hour or two earlier. Friday night tends to run on way too long.
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    Not DCI, but Kidsgrove Scouts are doing "24601 - A Les Miserables Story" in 2018. Design staff includes, John Meehan, Scott Johnson and Sean Gordon. Unfortunately we won't be coming to the STates this year, but this is gonna be an amazing show. We are fully expecting to march another full sized corps with a brass line expecting to top out over 50 members which is huge for Europe.
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    Happy to report that no mms died of frostbite in the making of this drum corps.
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    I think getting bigger is the wrong thing to do. There is a sense of ELITE classification that we feel and take pride in when watching the best DCI Corps. They are not supposed to be the largest "bands." They are supposed to be the height of creativity, performance, and visual prowess on a football field. Drum Corps International and its' member corps will lose their ELITE and PIONEERING status with larger groups that look like large college/HS marching bands. They will suffer from visual constraints, especially if props are to be used. There is the potential for such a move to harm smaller corps. Bigger isn't always better, and the obvious size difference with some corps (the top 12 or so) might require DCI to readjust its' division classifications. This might create a smaller World Class division, with all else being stuffed into Open Class, or perhaps the addition of a new class.
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    Snoring was always a problem with the Couchmen. I think that's why so many members migrated over to Sofa Clara and Pacific Rest.
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    Copyright, people. The word is copyright. Every time I see "copywrite" I get a little closer to knowing how Michael Boo feels when he sees "Blue Coats". There certainly is such a thing as copywriting, as in writing copy. Just as there are coats that are blue. And there are coats that are white, which is what would be worn by the men who eventually take me away if I hadn't spoken up. I'm feeling much better now. Carry on.
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    if i recall Tilt wasn't trotted out super early. it's a game. builds suspense. and really if 5th is bad, heaven help us all
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    150 is based on current bus capacity for modern-day coaches (53 is common in the busses rented today). Re: the original post, adding 50 more members would do little to improve the on-field production, and serve to increase the amount of drag for each corps when it comes to moving the members around, getting them fed, communications, etc, etc. Theoretically it would help put another 700-800 people in the stands for Finals night, but aside from that, I'm not sure I see a value for DCI in the increase.
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    As we can tell, a few DCP'ers still want to derail the thread to make it other than what the focus should be, ie.. a petition drive to get the decision makers in the Corps and within DCI itself to do more than it currently is doing in providing a safe environment for marchers. Any attempt to make the thread as a tic for tac between DCP posters.. some of that going way back between them.... should be disregarded as most likely a deflection technigue. These DCP'ers would like this thread to be about their longstanding gripes with other posters on DCP, and by extension their dislike for this petition drive. Its neither however. We should not allow such distractions, imo... its been a civil discussion so far the last 24 hours, and for the most part, stayed on topic. Most people seem supportive of the petition drive, and its importance. Even the ones who do not support the petition, are being respected with their desire to not support it ( for one reason or another ). We've come a long way here on DCP on this thread in the last 48 hours... where initially, the petition, its originator, and its supporters were under a lot of crticism here on DCP by some posters. Thats mellowed a lot in these 48 hours, so progress it seems to me is being made here on DCP with this. Most other social media sites have been very supportive of this petition, and right from the outset.
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    This sort of dangerous thinking is why a petition with over thousand people needs to be generated, imo ....to be certain that this sort of thinking does not become further embraced by the decision makers among the Corps, and among DCI itself. I believe your opinion, garfield ( which you are entitled too, incidentally) is probably shared by too many decision makers at the moment in DCI... and such thinking needs to come to an end. Especially among the adults entrusted with a heavy duty and responsibility to protect the young, the trusting, and the vulnerable above all else. Thus.... the petition.
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    Please don't confuse my next statement to mean that I feel attacked by you. I'm not going to ID myself, because then I won't have any ability to turn off any flames or personal attacks that result from people saying I'm just a trouble maker, I should keep quiet, etc. I'm not going to do it. If the fact that I am anonymous is used as an excuse to not create stronger protections for students, then for me that means people's priorities are misplaced. Personal attacks over this issue are unhelpful. People attacking each other over the internet is a short sighted mistake. Those same cross-ways attacks for me serve as justification for staying anonymous. Heck, the FIRST reply to my post was rude.
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    Hi, I basically don't use DCP because it can get really ugly around here and I have better things to do. I'm anonymous so that I don't get a bunch of personal attacks and bitter remarks thrown at me. Case in point... I know plenty about the topic. I know a corps executive director who had sex with an age-out. I know of male staff members who solicited nudes from male performers. Doesn't matter if they were over 18. Sexual harassment is still unacceptable.
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    if the kids experience is the utmost importance....and DCi has stepped in several times to help the kids...why not on this issue?
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    Sex offender issues in the activity is not only about male-female indiscretions. The petition covers the entire gamut of concerns.
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    in todays legal world, it would be very smart of DCI to address it circuit wide.
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    I did not post this but I did "like" her post. The reason I did is because we see this all the time with issues regarding women. Whether it's a sexual harassment case or abortion or birth control. Men seem to have a lot more to say about these issues than women... it's ironic. Thank goodness for the "me too" movement that has shed light on sexual harassment as a societal issue. It's a lot bigger than most people imagine. As for this petition I think it's just looking for a way to better protect the MMs involved in this activity. You guys are so caught up in the details of this particular case that you are missing the big picture.
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    This man says it’s disgusting in any form. That people want to give it a pass disgusts me. and it will blow up on dci eventually
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    All men in this discussion. Not at all surprising.
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    Mike, I gotta be honest here... if I had kids in drum corps, marching band, or whatever activity... I would not want any of them even near an individual like this.
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    i stopped reading through the whole thread, Stu gave me a headache. However this topic is very sensitive to me right now. Someone i considered a close friend was accused and agreed to a plea on this. a promising career as an educator as well as a designer/instructor in the activity thrown away. what really gets me is in the plea, after very minor time served, if they are a good little adult for a period afterwards, they can get it removed from the record and not have to go on the abuser list. This horrifies me that the legal system allows this. and from the legal docyuments posted on reddit, it has happened to someone else, thus making them eligible to teach groups again. this to me is a HUGE flaw in our already screwed up legal system. It is however why the person targeted on reddit is still working with a corps.
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    The OP's concern can easily be addressed by contacting each drum corps' BoD and asking to see the policy. Some corps, two I know of, post their policies on their websites. DCI's mission is NOT to address this, and it's just this type of suggestion on which DCI pushes back very hard. Of COURSE DCI, and its staff and volunteers, are in favor of the highest standards of assurance that the kids are not harmed. But it is the member corps, not DCI, that are responsible for having a policy that they actively follow. Having DCI, the org, be some watch-dog for social policy is exactly not the type of central control that the member corps want to endow in DCI or its staff. Each corps survives and thrives on their own, independently. DCI's role is to organize the tour and promote the activity. If the OP has a particular concern with a particular corps, it should be addressed first at the corps. Not on DCP or in DCI. Either the OP is attempting to create a movement for change of something that's not now a problem, or he/she is too lazy to do the work to contact the corps directly. This is a black-eye post no matter how it's sliced. I've never known a more progressive activity than performance art and it's true of DCI as well. OP, there's nothing to see. The petition is for DCi and the member corps to do, WHAT, exactly? And Dan Potter - what's his role in your contention for change? You clearly haven't thought this through and are likely simply a rabble-rouser trying to make smoke where there's no fire. IMO, and with all due respect.
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    wait about the guy i brought up this past summer and got attacked for posting it?
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