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    I've been asked by some what I think of the latest news out of Madison Scouts. I'm still processing this, but here are a few thoughts. (You're welcome to share this if you think it expresses your own thoughts and wish, and please add your own positive thoughts.) I have always loved the Madison Scouts organization and I always will love it. Over the years, I got to know many wonderful people who instructed Scouts or were on their management team. I cherish those memories. I also got to know several who currently are involved with management. I cherish their friendship as well. I will continue to cherish those I know who lovingly give their time to the organization. Such decisions are not made lightly. I trust the decision was made in the best interest of the corps, that it was based on what is right for the corps and right for future members regardless of competitive concerns.There are bound to be mixed feelings and some feelings expressed (or hidden) that are not mixed at all. I hope this decision helps assure the survival and thriving of Scouts decades into the future. As a Former Marching Member (FMM) of The Cavaliers, I've been asked what I think this means to the organization that introduced me to this wonderful activity, a passion to which I've gone on to dedicate a huge portion of my life. I believe this isn't about The Cavaliers; this is about the Scouts and it should remain so. I don't want to take away anything away from my support of the Scouts by diluting it with conjecture regarding what the decision means to any other organization that isn't the Scouts. I've long stated that drum corps is whatever drum corps becomes. I've also long felt that tradition is whatever a corps does for more than two years. (Those just coming on board the activity, new fans whom we need for the longtime survival of drum corps, will always know Scouts as a coed corps.) Just like all the innovations that have become part of drum corps, innovations loved by some and scorned by others, time lessens the shock. Those coming into drum corps fandom now may find it hard to imagine a time when such things weren't part of the activity, and were even forbidden. I've seen corps experience highs and lows. Those that have learned from their lows have gone on to experience highs that have been a pleasure to behold. I look forward to the day when I watch the Scouts and think about not how far they've come competitively, but how wonderful it is to just plain enjoy what they're doing on the field. I anticipate relishing the thought that many youth who will be future members of the Scouts will enjoy the experience of a lifetime, one that will stay with them decades into the future and will shape their lives for the better. Until that time, I plan to continue to enjoy the product Scouts put out of the field now, a show their members worked thousands of collaborative hours to perfect and deliver to a grateful audience. And I trust those audiences are more grateful the corps still exists than they are focused on dwelling on competitive standing. Drum corps needs the Madison Scouts, whatever form the organization takes on.
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    I'd like to quit but I'm addicted - it really bothers me that the big dawgs mic individual horns and mix the sound of the hornline at the board - so what you are hearing is not live - it's mixed - I noticed it most with Vanguard last night in Menomonie - Bluecoats mic their soloists but I do not believe MM's are marching with wireless mics and being adjusted on the board -- To me - mixing the overall hornline sound on the board is cheating - and it sucks - and I hate it -
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    It looks like PR may be hitting their stride.
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    Just watched Spirit’s encore live on their FB feed. They included a moment of silence for Jim Ott. 💙
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    Today Bloo has a MUCH DESERVED free day at the Mall of America...and thanks to CMX Theaters a private showing of the movie YESTERDAY. Pretty cool!!!
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    I applaud the Scouts for doing what they feel they need to do to survive, grow, and thrive. I don't fault them as an individual organization; if it works, it works! After all, corps like the Cadets went coed, and it's worked out wonderfully for them. My visceral reaction is against the trend toward de-genderizing everything for the sake of a false idea of what "equality" is. Men and women are different, and it's healthy to have activities and social groups that are gender-specific. There are less and less places where men can go be with men, and women can be with women, boys with boys, girls with girls. Equality means having a Girl Scouts AND a Boy Scouts, not dissolving the distinction between the two. Again, the Madison Scouts need to do what they need to do. I just mourn the loss of yet another institution where young men can grow and learn in an environment of other men; this is especially important given the growing lack of stable father figures in homes across America.
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    I was hoping for something with the word "Blue" in it.
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    Not a great indicator. This doesn't take into account that probably most people snapping up tickets are stealth protesters. They show up loathing the activity, and hide it with cheering, sometimes even standing and clapping, etc... There'll be even more of them in the stands as the season progresses. Mark my words.
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    " I've long stated that drum corps is whatever drum corps becomes. " - Michael Boo It's hard to argue that fact, and I must agree with my colleague's statement, and it's philosophical implications. Tradition is important and needs to be respected. The best corps have also had a tradition of innovation. In no way are those concepts mutually exclusive. They are complimentary, and one does not diminish the significance of the other. When we were in charge, we did drum corps our way, to the best of our abilities. The Scouts, along with every other corps, have the right to choose their own way forward. Here's to the next 81 years of Madison.
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    That's because the Cavaliers aren't there to train on their parade.
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    A couple thoughts in response to your post: I think you need to provide some statistics to back up your claim that there is a "growing lack of stable father figures in homes across America." That is a very specific claim that seems coded in many ways. As an academic who studies these things, I would argue that that is not actually the case. I also take issue with your use of equality as you define it via context. Separate is not inherently equal. It is, in fact, completely the opposite. See the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board or current equal pay issues in women's professional sports (in particular the U.S. women's national team, which sells more jersey's and performs better than the U.S. men's national team, but receives a fraction of the pay). Sure, there are physical or biological differences between the sexes, but patriarchy is a social construction, and there is a vast difference between biological sex, gender identity, and sexuality in how it is both theorized and understood. Understanding power dynamics and systems or structures of inequality is more important to this conversation than arbitrary definitions of gender or equality. We are also discussing private entities, not government or public entities. This means that they can set their own policies, and that does not prevent you or anyone else from establishing their own gender segregated activities or organizations if they so wish as long as they are not doing so with public funds. Madison going coed is not "dissolving the distinction between the two," it is simply recognizing that as a private organization they wish to be inclusive to all those who are interested in auditioning regardless of gender identity. This is not saying their cannot be all male corps or even all female corps. It is just a decision made by a private entity to update their own membership policy. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Oh thank you, sir. Thank you so much! Until this very moment I earnestly believed that no man in the world could have made the US women's soccer team, but boy did you show me. I'm sure that during their fun practice match against children, their only true objective was to score more goals, and that they were more committed to that objective than to winning the World Cup. It isn't possible that I was merely paying them a compliment and recognizing their achievement in a fun way. Following Cappy's suggestion here. We'll see how it goes..
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    Thinking of your history and all that Madison has contributed to Drum Corps. Thank-you! May your future be bright, your loyal Alums be supportive, the 'hurt' be at a minimum, and hoping the current, talented MM's have a wonderful Summer and future w/ the corps. MYNWA
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    Yes, but things were tough then. We couldn't afford a loaf of bread. My dad stole a loaf of bread for us and was sent to prison for 19 years! ...at least I think that's what it was about, I might be getting it confused with something else.
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    I'm not so sure anyone is tearing anything down. Anything of value anyway. Does anyone seriously believe that pre-selecting (or prohibiting) based on gender is a good thing in this day and age in this activity? Or anywhere really. Let each stand on their merits, talent, character, honor, and tenacity. It's long overdue to take gender out of the equation. And I say this as a middle-aged white guy cloaked in all manner of privilege that I did not have anything to do with earning. It's high time that the girls and women who follow enjoy the same opportunities we men have had. Possibly some day we will live in a nation where we will not be judged by the shape of our hips, but by the content of our character.
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    Perhaps one day again corps will be rewarded for marching and playing at the same time.
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    Nothing aggravated me more than someone that talented being stuck behind a prop for half of the show. The thing to do was to just suit her up and put her in the line. I said that all of last year.
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    Yes, a Spirit home show on Jim Ott day, so they are likely wearing their black armbands.
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    Simple answer: insecurity. Well, that, or he simply sees everyone as children who can't understand the simple concept that all corps are spending this summer improving their shows. But here's the rub: while all corps are spending the summer improving their shows, some do it better than others
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    I remember, back in a different era, when the Scouts were announced as "The Madison Explorer Scouts."
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    Like others have said... I'm fine with it. Gives them a chance to work out some stuff. And gives the fans there a chance to see a legendary drum corps. And...maybe I'm wrong here... but perhaps this Northwest tour is easier on the BD budget, too.
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    It's amazing the tangent the response to my comment took. I responded to someone talking about the dearth of local shows. I responded that many of us can't afford the tickets for the few there are. Others twisted the discussion to what they paid for tour fees. Someone who earns in excess of 6 figures (proven from his 990's of course) said it was a bargain. Still comes to the same thing: if the corps stop doing community performances (parades, concerts, encores) they give flesh to GH's dream that the activity will be for the few, the elite, and the royal whether as mms, audience, or faculty (who now make a full time living in it.) The finances of the activity took an extreme turn once Yamaha entered fulltime, the Artistic Director became Costume Mistress for 2/3 of the Finalists, and shows became opportunities to increase sales for System Blue Sousaphones. Not what we caucused at all back in '72.
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    Love Love Love this seasons show. This is quickly becoming a favorite production of mine for 2019. I can't wait to see what BK is going to look and sound like come Aug. Go BK
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    Yes, they're going to institute a "performance tax" on all WGI groups to pay for all unpaid DCI fees. Lesson to all: Don't be too quick to pay off those marching fees each summer. This plan will remain in force until they run out of other people's money to give away. Hey, drum corps teaches economics 101, too!
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    It's a SHOW DAY! Let's Go CROWN!!!
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    still here. looks like if more people are leaving my seats will get better
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    I do wish corps that march and play get rewarded more.
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    Since I love all corps equally (but one more than the others), I thought I would comment on the venue instead. What a great place to watch drum corps ... the weather was perfect, I felt like I was almost on the field (even from the top row), crowd was in to it, just a great night. I liked having the souvenir booths outside the fence with plenty of room. And now for the downers (and they were minimal ... just feel like complaining this morning): Staff - we know you have a job to do, but sitting on the steps, talking on speakerphones, talking to each other, standing up for every mello run is just a little much. We paid good money for those seats and would like to see the shows as well. Maybe the venues need a reserved staff area (like at Lucas) Fans - it's 2019. There are electronics, there are costumes, there are props - get over it. When the Cadets have electronic issues, I don't want to hear, "well, if this were drum corps, this would not be happening". Or calling a certain corps (one that I am partial toward ... but I love all corps equally) "hideous" because you don't like the color of their pants. Venue - open a second gate. It got pretty crowded trying to get in All that being said, I hope they return ... because I know I will.
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    What Tim said. Anyone who thinks that this decision has anything to with the financial health of the organization has never managed a business or an organization. Given the times we live in, it’s clear this conversation is something that has been taking place internally for a while and most recently become a focal point for leadership. It sounds like they’ve had the right conversations internally, consulted alumni and done their due diligence. In fact, this kind of decision might have done more damage financially, a huge risk. But they felt it was the right decision moving forward, and I think they deserve kudos for having the courage to address the issue and act on it. Here’s wishing the Scouts many years of success. Bravo
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    My only point on this: it’s bothered me a bit over the last few years that if I were to have a female student come to me and say she wanted to march Cavaliers or Madison Scouts because she loved what either one was doing on the field, she couldn’t. Just because she’s a young woman, no other reason. I’d have to tell her to audition for any other corps she wanted to, it just couldn’t be either of those. Yet I could encourage a male student in the same situation to feel free to audition for whichever corps he fell in love with.
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    Everyone makes additions and changes, but whether those decisions are beneficial determines success. I can't remember the last addition BD has made to a show that brought it down.
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    I believe this is a home show for Spirit right? Hope they get a great reception!
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    Someone mentioned/suggested that the crazy drill they had in the first couple weeks will return soon, which has me excited
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    And while all are improving and polishing, BD is unique in the amount they create on the fly as they go along. So much of it is composed in place from idea sketches that I think they are actually better off when they can be away in bubble for a while. Nightly slugfests are just a distraction. They'll have enough of that in a few weeks.
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    Most definitely. Especially because there is absolutely no need to change the name.
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    Somebody timed the top 6 on reddit. I think Blue Devils was lowest time playing, but not by much. They were all pretty close.
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    I'm taking note of your humor Mike, and it's clever, but please, give it a rest.
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    Well said!!! DCI needs the Madison Scouts just like any corps in this amazing organization. I hope this new transition goes smoothly with the corps.
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    Should they turn the page and totally rebrand? Maybe even change the name? In a way, perhaps this could help bring closure by saying farewell to the Madison Scouts. And hello to a rebranded new Madison corps. It would remove the - quit changing my corps - feeling by letting the old Madison Scouts RIP. And then it’s off to the future with the new Madison corps. Just a thought. It will be rousingly hated but hey, I enjoy the banter
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    All I really care about is what kind of show they do next season at this point. I just want something that is designed well, entertaining, and that still has that Scouts "vibe" to it. Allowing women into the corps doesn't mean they have to completely change that, and it even opens up more opportunities for them design-wise. If allowing women into the corps is the catalyst that gives the leadership an excuse to ditch the MS brand and become completely unrecognizable from their show design and music, then that is when I know the leadership is complete garbage. I've already had more patience here than most regarding CK and DP, but if they come out with a show next year that looks and sounds like it was designed for a completely different corps or some BOA band like last year's show then that's when I join the rest of the people calling for leadership changes.
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    yeah because fuel, food, insurance and housing have stayed static in price for the last 40 years. Oh they haven't? oh. well #### that myth killed
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    strange but true fact: Madison's best and worst placement since 2000 had a female involved as a member...last year and the Carmen project in what 05? Goes to show what a capable staff can do......and what a not capable one can do
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    I don’t think I have seen stats that show for every “old timer” leaving the activity, 1.2 people join.What I have seen is ticket sales increasing in areas where drum corps does not have strong roots and more interest in auditioning to march. For many who no longer attend shows or support the activity, they may not have walked away because they do not like what is happening on the field. In some areas there are fewer shows. In some cases it’s a matter of vacation time. For others it’s new interests. This is why I often say, if you are going to not support drum corps anymore, let’s see the canceled checks and credit card receipts, the ticket stubs, program books, souvenirs that show you have supported the activity in the first place. So many who are ranting today have not been to shows in years or followed the corps for years.
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    If there weren't a slew of other co-ed corps out there, then I'd view this as a positive development. However, every corps out there is co-ed except for two, so it's not like there aren't a ton of choices for women that want to participate in this activity. And as others have noted sometimes Phantom and others have elected to have all female guards and that hasn't really been controversial. So I don't think there's a diversity issue in DCI. I note that in other performing organizations there is often segregation based on gender. There are all-male and all-female choirs for instance. So I don't see diversity and inclusion as a problem for the activity as a whole. I do think this creates a new problem for Madison and that is a matter of identity. Madison has been since it's inception viewed as a masculine corps. That's a key part of it's identity. That will now be lost and Madison will need to create a new identity. That's isn't the end of the world. Corps have done so. BD in my view is the most notable case of this. For years BD was the Jazz Corps. Every show featured hard-driving jazz music or jazz-oriented latin music. That was their thing. You never looked to BD for great GE or anything like that. They just played challenging jazz music and marched really well (though yes I agree they marched "less" than some others.) Back say 12 years ago or so they simply changed. No fanfare about it, they just changed. Today they are by no means a Jazz Corps. I'd say that today their identity is probably as the most artistic corps in the activity. Their entire approach to shows is now choreographed, props are used extensively, and their design team is led by a person that comes from a background in guard. They haven't played a truly jazz focused show in years. So a big change for them, but they clearly did it well. But they were also a very successful corps before they ever started this change. The challenge Madison will face is they've struggled a bit these past several years. They now have to build a new identity while also improving their performance levels, show designs, etc. That's doable but it's another thing to worry about and to be blunt Madison's biggest problem - what lead them to their current challenging state - has been an inability to produce well designed productions. The problem at Madison, from what I can see, has not been it's members, but rather it's leadership. I'm sure they are all capable leaders, but the reality is that their leadership has not been able to orchestrate a breakout moment from Madison. I don' think this change to co-ed is necessarily going to help with that. I'm from the business world and you give a management team a few years to sort things out, but you don't give them forever. The people that support Madison are right to be questioning the composition of the current management team. Whatever happens, I certainly hope that the "New Madison" that emerges next year will be successful and will produce entertaining shows for the audience and for its members. Over the years Madison has been one of my favorite corps to watch. I would like to see it flourish with this new direction.
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    Oh boy. Gird your loins and prepare your best popcorn-munching memes, everyone. This is not a drill.
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    I feel like BK is bridging the gap between what drum corps has been and what it is now. There’s always elements that are pushing the envelope and the activity, but there’s no reliance on gimmicks or props to make the show motor. I like all the presentations I’ve seen from the drum corps this season, but it’s refreshing to see a corps show what’s possible by evoking emotion/thought through movement and playing with still the modern edge. BK has a times taken that to near the top tier and I feel this product this year has that same type of feel to it. That said, corps are so good and creativity abounds so who knows.
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