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    I'd like to quit but I'm addicted - it really bothers me that the big dawgs mic individual horns and mix the sound of the hornline at the board - so what you are hearing is not live - it's mixed - I noticed it most with Vanguard last night in Menomonie - Bluecoats mic their soloists but I do not believe MM's are marching with wireless mics and being adjusted on the board -- To me - mixing the overall hornline sound on the board is cheating - and it sucks - and I hate it -
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    That's because the Cavaliers aren't there to train on their parade.
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    A couple thoughts in response to your post: I think you need to provide some statistics to back up your claim that there is a "growing lack of stable father figures in homes across America." That is a very specific claim that seems coded in many ways. As an academic who studies these things, I would argue that that is not actually the case. I also take issue with your use of equality as you define it via context. Separate is not inherently equal. It is, in fact, completely the opposite. See the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board or current equal pay issues in women's professional sports (in particular the U.S. women's national team, which sells more jersey's and performs better than the U.S. men's national team, but receives a fraction of the pay). Sure, there are physical or biological differences between the sexes, but patriarchy is a social construction, and there is a vast difference between biological sex, gender identity, and sexuality in how it is both theorized and understood. Understanding power dynamics and systems or structures of inequality is more important to this conversation than arbitrary definitions of gender or equality. We are also discussing private entities, not government or public entities. This means that they can set their own policies, and that does not prevent you or anyone else from establishing their own gender segregated activities or organizations if they so wish as long as they are not doing so with public funds. Madison going coed is not "dissolving the distinction between the two," it is simply recognizing that as a private organization they wish to be inclusive to all those who are interested in auditioning regardless of gender identity. This is not saying their cannot be all male corps or even all female corps. It is just a decision made by a private entity to update their own membership policy. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Love Love Love this seasons show. This is quickly becoming a favorite production of mine for 2019. I can't wait to see what BK is going to look and sound like come Aug. Go BK
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    I do wish corps that march and play get rewarded more.
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    Lineup & Times All times ET and subject to change 7:00 PM Welcome & National Anthem 7:15 PM Heat Wave - Cape Coral, FL 7:32 PM Southwind - Mobile, AL 7:49 PM Louisiana Stars - Lafayette, LA 8:06 PM Intermission 8:36 PM Jersey Surf - Camden County, NJ 8:53 PM Music City - Nashville, TN 9:10 PM Phantom Regiment - Rockford, IL 9:27 PM Carolina Crown - Fort Mill, SC 9:44 PM Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA 10:01 PM Encore 10:21 PM Scores Announced Lowndes High School Martin Stadium 1606 Norman Dr. Valdosta, GA 31601
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    Someone mentioned/suggested that the crazy drill they had in the first couple weeks will return soon, which has me excited
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    Somebody timed the top 6 on reddit. I think Blue Devils was lowest time playing, but not by much. They were all pretty close.
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    Inclusion and diversity is a good thing. I'll never believe otherwise. Good on the Madison Board (who, it should be noted, are more than just the ED) who voted for this. Mike
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    Did I see something over the weekend that someone running for president was campaigning on "forgiving all drum corps member loans?" I should have paid more attention.
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    I was hoping for a little higher number from Crown tonight, but the content scores are looking pretty nice all around (especially if tonights performance was off). Loving the momentum Phantom is gaining, this show is truly better than we've seen the past couple years and I think they should be there Saturday.
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    There's that insecurity again
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    I was being sarcastic about Capital Sound. I guess I need to use more emojis. 😉😉😉😉😉😉
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    That’s assuming the historical power dynamics between the goose and gander have been equal. That was not the case previously, and it still isn’t the case now. Hence the nuance. Regardless, the Crossmen guard situation is also crappy.
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    and the costs have gotten tremendously prohibitive................especially since there are fewer local shows or local shows with many or variant corps.
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    Classic visual instructor on parade day: "Keep the form and perfect your technique today!!!" Bluecoats:
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    The only year where I found it disruptive was 2015 but then they followed it up with some of the most electric music and drill I've seen from a modern day corps so they kinda made up for it
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    The timing of the announcement is questionable. It makes it seem more like a 4th quarter hail Mary pass to the end zone, as opposed to an effort for gender equality among it's marching members. I'm neither opposed to or in favor of making the corps co-ed, but until they make drastic changes in management and develop a long term plan to get the Scouts back on track this is kinda of like putting lipstick on a pig.
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    More: “Spirit... Well, now that's one of the most unique shows I've ever seen. Love the costume changes, and the drumline killed it. It didn't feel like the hornline is confident in the show though. And I feel like it needs a "signature moment" to make it stand out.”
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    Thank you for strengthening my assertion Please see Jake W's response, he said it better than I could have.
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    That’s over 264 hours!
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    Not sure we have anyone at the show tonight...just waiting on scores at this point.
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    MCDC just did a Facebook live of warm up and it was not training at all. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    I’m too lazy to go find other ways to state it. You’re right. Now get off my lawn.
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    Is there anyone planning on going to any of their rehearsals? I am practically counting down the hours until the corps is in Katy. 🙂
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    Garfield Cadets never changed their name after allowing girls in the corps. So I don’t think there’s any reason to change the name. Before I marched in Madison in the 80s I came from a coed corps and many of those girls that I marched with went on to be top quality players in other horn lines such as Santa Clara, Phantom regiment, Suncoast Sound, Garfield Cadets, etc.
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    I don't know. It seems to me that the name is their one good recruiting asset at the moment. Dumping the name is like creating a whole new organization that must start at the bottom. Keeping the name means that they should be able to pull disproportionate talent... but they need to write a show for the talent. Honestly, it doesn't matter if fans that are not invested in the corps hate what they do. It only matters if their faithful donors hate it.
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    I remember when this thread was about DCL’s organizational response to sexual misconduct and member safety.
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    BDB is on fire! too bad they are not touring. Pay attention to how high their scores go in the next couple weeks. A corps deserves the Sanford for sure this year!
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    and every time he lipped off to a guard, he got one day more
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    If a typical weeknight show starts at 7pm and the last corps steps off 9pm, isn't that two hours between step-offs? This is typical for most shows. What "lot" would you anticipate that an early-start-time corps could use to "practice" after the show? It doesn't work that way. At most shows, corps check out of their host school and head to the performance stadium so they don't go back to their host school after the show. Instead, they EPL and head to their next stopover about 5 or 6 hours away. There is likely no "lot" available at the show site for corps to rehearse after the show. "Easily" get in an hour-plus? Really? When the corps has to P&L back to a host school? How much of the "hour+" time that you claim is actually useful time in this type of circumstance? Staying 1 1/2 hours from Camp Randall was a decision made purposely and was based, in part, on the extra time the corps had to get to their step-off time. You're right, of course, that housing is an increasingly difficult issue for the activity, but those are systemic issues that affect all corps. The impact of step-off times is inversely proportional to placement almost all shows. The only thing that alleviated the inequity were in those few years where Finals week placements were drawn at random, at we see how long that lasted!
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    Bump. Today marks 39 years since Jim Ott's tragic passing.
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    I don't think we'll know the impact of the current trends in drum corps for several years. A lot of "old timers" will hang around,because its the "only game in town". Parents and other relatives will always attend shows when their kids are marching. What remains to be seen is if the current trend in show designs,uniforms,traditions, translates into people who are currently part of drum corps,(MM,family,etc.) staying involved,by attending shows,after they are no longer directly involved. They do,Drum Corps can flourish. They don't,there are going to be problems once there aren't any more "old timers".
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    Well, based on yesterday's soccer results with the USWNT and the USMNT, it looks like the Madison Scouts can't integrate fast enough! (Hey... hey! Stop throwing things at me!) 98.243 Bluecoats 97.255 Santa Clara Vanguard 96.891 Blue Devils 96.220 Boston Crusaders 95.931 Carolina Crown 93.360 Cavaliers 91.589 Cadets 89.671 Blue Stars 88.891 Mandarins 88.204 Blue Knights 87.912 Crossmen 87.699 Phantom Regiment 86.329 Spirit of Atlanta 83.933 Colts 81.151 Academy 79.475 Madison Scouts 78.386 Troopers 78.094 Pacific Crest 78.004 Music City 75.840 Jersey Surf 73.681 Spartans 70.666 Genesis 69.609 Gold 68.530 Legends 67.674 7th Regiment 67.453 Cascades 67.267 Louisiana Stars 67.176 Guardians 65.151 Southwind 64.898 Golden Empire 61.054 River City Rhythm 60.402 Shadow 57.695 Raiders 57.261 Heat Wave 55.549 Colt Cadets 52.470 Les Stentors
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    Have to get those visual numbers up. Drill is lacking what Cadets can usually do. Great overall improvement !!!!!
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    I dare say THE ACADEMY's version of BOTW is a Royalty that they got their money's worth. The solo (IMHO a good :30 Too long) and ballad is splendid. but the lack of action by the MM's is leaving a heck of a lot of potential GE points on the field. and Estimated 2 minutes of nada gets you....nada!
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    On a side note, happy birthday, Ringo!
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    Dave Grohl on the Beatles. Pretty sure he isn't talking about their #1 radio hits, which are what young people think of when they hear the word "Beatles". Same with The Beach Boys, whose really good stuff sounds avant-garde even today. : “If it weren’t for The Beatles, I would not be a musician,” Grohl wrote. “From a very young age I became fascinated with their songs, and over the years have drowned myself in the depth of their catalogue. Their groove and their swagger. Their grace and their beauty. Their dark and their light. The Beatles seemed to be capable of anything.”
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    Wow I dont remember the scores being this high last year or the year before. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    The consensus here is we love the Cadets but believe transitions and resolves are a little too lumpy or awkward, and we were kept waiting for that wow moment which never came.
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    Michael Shapiro is my president.
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    Right but there is still a place women can’t march. Men can march everywhere.
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    Jim was told they’re in the black by a very reliable source.
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    The corps are DCI. They should have figured it out at their annual meeting. Instead, they threw support to the current CEO and buried their heads in the sand. If it takes a boycott for them to wake up, so be it.
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