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    From Instagram, a sample of the show by just the hornline:
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    But it is the same. The staff picked what they felt best depicts what they want to portray. IIRC certain pieces written by female composers were considered but did not make the final cut. It happens.......so, if you’re expecting a big “mea culpa” from the design staff, I don’t think it will happen. As I’ve stated before, most of the posts on this thread are written to dismiss the efforts of the 2019 Phantom Regiment BEFORE they even hit the field. That is a shame. People are entitled to their opinions but to count them out before a signle note is played on the field, I feel is a great disservice to the members who have committed their summer to march Regiment. Flame away!
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    You Buccaneer You.⚔️
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    You didn't understand it before? The best organization in MLB.
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    The BD have done 40 before and looks like again this year. Don’t give them any ideas.
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    And I three bet you - include the drum majors, and teach the guard and percussion enough to be able to play a few sustained chords...😀
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    Let's just design a show called ascending the score, where the first movement has all 80 brass on contras, second on euph, third on mellos, and 4th on trumpets.
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    Get my first peek Friday.
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    Yes, I see what you did there & duly noted. Their 2018 music (brass book) was a disappointment.
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    The ac would be pretty inefficient because when it’s being used/cooking all doors and vents are open.
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    50 Shades of Des Moines?? Kindof a cool look, tho.
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    Like the world needs any more of that. LOL
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    Boston's new kitchen truck
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    I have no issue with discussion, but someone literally has used the blues clues pic for years, as well as well the inevitable dictionary definition of costume and uniform. That’s not discussing, it’s unoriginal, tired copy/paste “jokes.”
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    2019...hooray for the same jokes and pictures as 2018, 2017...we’re an awfully original bunch!
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    I've been trying to think of how to describe this show... and I really can't. It hits several different genre's, its got a bit of a groove in certain sections, but overall (at least for June 3) the design is just so much better. And they've done a much better job of exposing each section, including the guard. It's more refined but will still be extremely crowd friendly.
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    I went to Gardner Webb again this past Saturday and they have what seems to be half of the show on the field, and those 5-6 minutes go by fast. The show hooks you in from the first note (which also blows your face off). Whenever I am there, the members seem genuinely excited about the show and excited about being there. I, myself, have not been this excited about a Crown show since 2016. I was excited about 2017 too, but this show is on a whole different level. Crown will be back as the crowd favorite again this year. This show is so much fun to watch right now, and I don't even know what is going on at this point. The show is just that entertaining. I hope to make it up to GWebb again this weekend and maybe see the ballad barring no weather setbacks. I cannot wait until June 16th for the preview show and June 20th for the Tour Premiere
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    Can you just say what it is? This oooooo I know a secret! ooo me too stuff is really irritating.
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    Interesting take on David and Goliath. ( warning.. its a bit of a lengthy read... but fascinating for those that have the patience/ interest, imo ) https://www.today.com/popculture/david-goliath-understanding-dynamics-power-struggle-8C11338370
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    My 2 cents worth 1 Blue Devils 2 Santa Clara Vanguard 3 Boston Crusaders 4 Carolina Crown 5 Bluecoats 6 Cavaliers 7 Cadets 8 Blue Stars 9 Blue Knights 10 Mandarins 11 Phantom Regiment 12 Spirit of Atlanta
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    Time of the year to freshen this place up. Thank you!
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    I’m jealous! Hope they don’t go for too much of that gym look with the guard costumes.
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    I am Reading that now.
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    Hey all, The show title has been released, but not completely publicly. I won't share it in case it is supposed to wait. You may find it if you look at a Corps Crown recently partnered with. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about... Check your email.
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    Their yearly bandshell concert in Rockford is set for June 11, according to the bandshell's website.
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    In my opinion, the Blue Knights already won that war. Their kitchen truck is FANTASTIC. I volunteered on the BAC truck last summer, and will again this summer, so I'm happy about the new truck. BUT, I got to tour the BK truck last summer. The BK truck has a slide-out portion that turns the truck into a good-sized kitchen -- not just the aisle down the middle like the new BAC truck.
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    All the rehearsal delays kind of makes one wonder if the midwest corps will be playing catch-up, at least early in the season.
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    The Academy included the on field percussion with the guard during their ballad in 15. Very impressive.
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    Well I haven't worked the chuck wagon but I've had many leftovers sent home with my kid after weekend camps. The last one wasn't bad at all: It was a big casserole of penne pasta and marinara with chopped breaded chicken in it (probably diced nuggets or patties). It was topped with melted cheese. It was kind of like eating chicken parm and lasagna but much simpler to make. I don't have a recipe but it seems like a no brainer throw together casserole.
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    For anyone that shops at Amazon, you can go to smile.amazon.com and designate Carolina Crown as your favorite charity. Then every time you make an amazon purchase they send a small percentage to Crown (or whatever other charity you choose). You just have to go to smile.amazon.com when you make purchases. The prices are exactly the same so it costs you nothing. The amount they donate is small, but if lots of people do it, it can add up.
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    Tom has been around a lot longer than that!
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    They were the first to truly pull out of the traditional uniforms, which is why I mentioned them. This "running joke" started with them, though I just find it an annoying argument being had with the same folks that I have to sift through to find uniform updates for the 4th year now.
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    Bluecoats wants to win medals but they don’t do what they do to win medals.
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    They are all the same. They are meant to look uniform. They mirror the show theme. They're thematic uniforms. End of story. #Next
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    This. Year after year since Bluecoats decided to go all rogue in 2016. This thread might as well be nothing but CopyPasta.
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    for all of the people who get agitated by this, what the F else are people supposed to discuss? corps treat literally everything like it's nuclear codes now, even a couple of weeks before the season begins. sorry if there's only so much i can say about how x corps is better than y corps because abcdefghijklmo reasons. that's 99% of this board, which is far worse than anything i see in this thread, lol.
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    show bloo's or BD's shows from the past few years to any random group who know nothing about dci, and the majority will call what they're wearing costumes, not uniforms i don't care what you call them, personally, because dci fans can pretty much use them interchangeably now that said, i think the Colts have some pretty awesome costiforms, don't you?
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    you don't succeed playing safe
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    As long as this isn't some Irish influence from 90 miles to the north, I'm good with it.
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    Thanks for the guard numbers update, @Rudy18. Thus, the few guys near me with medical face masks. FWIW, I am enthusiastic about what I saw and heard and anxious to see it come together in Muncie. Also always impressed at Scouts camp with the professionalism of the members and staff in rehearsals. (Or in what little of rehearsals that I can see.) Hope you are having a great experience so far and with a great tour ahead.
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    “Christina! Bring me the axe!”
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    I guess I know what I will be doing on June 12!
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    Hey y'all. Here is the 21st century solution. If the staff and performers 'identify' as female with the 'perception' that the composers are 'in reality' female, then this whole gender debate should be moot!!!! Or... is the 'identity/perception is reality' claims of folks in this modern world actually a farce?
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    I'm pretty sure you mean costumes. Very few corps still wear anything that resemble uniforms any more.
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