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    Just her father's house.
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    There should be a Goo penalty.
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    Kudos to Jeff for judging the PERFORMANCE in front of him and ignoring the rest of the season. Too many judges make up their minds about a show early and NEVER take a fresh look at each performance. Clearly Jeff is a judge who's willing to let the performers change his mind. And that's the guy you want evaluating your show.
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    Stop: masking brass sound with A & E. Let’s hear the brass lines themselves without electronic enhancement. Mic ONLY soloists. start: limiting the amount of props/prop items. This will minimize prop assembly areas, prop trucks, prop crews being the horn lines. change: static “staging” of brass, guard and percussion to being more on the move. Designers have given in to reducing movement to enable “features” to the point where every production had multiple features. Well it feels like it.
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    I wanted to post this after semi finals but life got in the way and my phone was dead. I'm glad I am posting now though since the season has had a few days to settle. Please feel free to post your thoughts on 2019 shows as well. Conveniently- I will be commenting on every WC corps and the top 3 in OC. 25. Seattle Cascades- all I can say is WOW. I knew if the Cascades were the 25 seed that this is a great year for drum corps. Those jazz soloists were phenomenal. The grid, itself was a little scary. I thought we learned our lesson with the Cavaliers last year. Feet getting caught left and right but no falls. Very cool when the grid was lifted though. 24. Jersey Surf- Oh man. I have always wanted to see Jersey Surf live and I finally got the opportunity to. Very musical, visually pleasing, and easy to follow. Liked the uniform change. Maybe not as fun as 12/13 but well done and tastefully performed. 23. Music City- Hello! Truth be told I watched them rehearse the percussion feature in Conneaut Lake on Sunday. Was hoping to stay longer but it started to rain. That's okay though because I was wowed by the brass, the overall GE, and the amount of color in this show. Sure it was probably too cute- but I thought it should have swapped with Genesis in placement. My favorite of the first group on the field. 22. Gold- Well. I'll be. This California group had no trouble making the trip to Indy, fielding 16 CONTRAS, and grabbing the OC bronze. A nice show that reminded me of the game of Life with unique color guard props and all original music. A major step up from last year. This is my pick for the next group to jump to world class. 21. Legends- I like this OC corps. Instead of the ocean I pictured the Siren of the great lakes taking down many ships at Whitefish point and Thunder Bay. Easy show to get into. 20. Genesis- Nice 10th anniversary tribute show with earthen tones. Quite interesting to see the Greensleeves waving out of the props. 19. The Spartans- Experiment X. The program description had me almost uninterested especially since I just saw another 10th anniversary show...but WOW I loved this one. They definitely deserved the OC victory... although Im a sucker for Latin music on the football field. 18. Troopers- There is definitely a gap between 19-25 and the Troop. The whole Star Trek thing wasn't my cup of tea but wow is that hornline tasty. 17. Madison Scouts- If you are interested you can read my full experience on the Madison hype train thread. This was probably the most emotional show of the year for me. Unbelievably fantastic. Really makes me want to go back in time and see the 75-97 scouts live. 16. The Colts- I think this show had the strongest GE of non-finalist corps. Hells Bells and throwing the trident then Hell freezes over and the visual effects mixed with the ice cold sounds of chimes in the pit. Very fun, musical, easy to follow show all around. 15. The Academy- Bridge over troubled water was beautiful. I don't know if I was still drained from the previous two shows but I really miss the fun Academy from 2015-2017. Very nice performance but probably the least interesting show design of the year (but hey- would have been middle of the pack most years). 14. Pacific Crest- Whaaa? The lights were a very cool effect and I want to congratulate them on their highest score and placement of all time. This show had a great message and was performed well. Didn't make me ugly cry like BK 2014 but still a nice show. 13. Spirit of Atlanta- I was hoping this show would go places but where it landed placement-wise is just about right. Very nice, musical show that mixed very modern stuff and swing. Three uniform changes. A bit overkill but that's okay. I think Spirit Blue is plenty neon for the neon underground. Visually the ATL was very cool. 12. Phantom Regiment- Although they ended up in 12th this is the best flicker of Hope and Phantom show since 2012. Absolutely beautiful brass moments. Arguably some of the best brass moments of the night. Some cool visual moments and the chant was powerful. Some very awkward transitions though. Regardless I have a good feeling about Phantom 2020 if they make some minor changes. 11. Crossmen- I. Love. This. Show. One of the most enjoyable of the year for me. The field entrance (props and all), the tambre of the guitar, the power, the percussion feature, some great brass licks, the ride of the Valkyrie motifs from the trombones. The Valkyrie visual. The weird costumes. Just a great show all around. Great job Crossmen. 10. The Mandarins- Very Creepy Show. Fantastic, dark brass. Loved that the tenor voice in brass was all Euphoniums. Very interesting to watch the guard (and battery) tell the story line throughout this show. The Mandarins are great at that. If they fix their percussion issues they could climb- but they have had 2 years in a row of shows that are actually kind of scary. 9. The Cadets- Percussion and battery were absolutely amazing and had some fantastic features. I did not feel empowered as a female by this show. And that's all I have to say about that. 8. Blue Stars- Another corps that brought me one of my favorite shows by them in years. I think that from a visual and narration standpoint this story was told very well. The brass and percussion also sounded great. Not sure how I feel about almost the entire corps going to bed during the solo...but I did like the tents😁 7. Blue Knights- My favorite show, at least musically, of the year. I also find the blurry mirrors to be a wonderful aide in the show theme. The brass and percussion are together. There are such open and exposed sections of the show. There are beautiful moments of pure silence and reflection. From the Hurt solo to the end is so powerful and emotional. 6. Boston Crusaders- Ah. Yes. Now we have entered the top 6. Huge jump. Brass sounded great, Guard was absolutely amazing and crucial to the story telling. Very nice, easy to follow show. They added some extra Gore for semis and people seemed to love the David v. Goliath fight. I didn't miss the shot this time. 5. The Cavaliers- Another wonderful, fun, easy to follow show. Brass and percussion were extremely powerful, and the Cavaliers Guard were great to watch for fighting and portraying the show theme. Easily one of the best Cavaliers hornlines of all time. 4. Carolina Crown- Compared to most- this was a no frills drum corps show. Lots of movement and classic marching and formations by the MMs and they provided great visuals. Brass was beautiful and extremely clean as expected for Crown and Gabriel's Oboe gets my nod for best ballad of the year. Percussion was tight and probably my favorite percussion feature of the year too. 3. Santa Clara Vanguard- you haven't heard loud until you have heard SCV 2019. Lots of aggression but also a good amount of beauty going on musically. Probably the most talented corps of 2019. I have no idea what was going on the whole time though. As a side note getting the sousaphone into the cage looked as difficult as mastering one of those puzzle games at the Cracker Barrel. 2. The Bluecoats- I think this show had the best musical arrangements of the year. Just sheer genius. A crowd favorite for years to come. So many little things going on at the beginning, Eleanor Rigby, just wow. Blackbird was absolutely beautiful, as most Bloo ballads are. Come together was a rock concert. Then they played an encore. Just WOW. 1. The Blue Devils- They came into the field with a swagger that only BD is capable of. It was obvious this was the most confident and comfortable corps of the year. They did some cool stuff with the multiple uses of props. My favorite thing about BD this year, as it is in most years, is the battery. I had my eyes on center snare the whole time as I know he is one of the most talented musicians on the field and it was his age out year. Overall I felt this was one of the most enjoyable years for DCI. Almost all of the shows were very entertaining. The singing trend seems to be dying down, there was a lot of diversity in show design, and many corps are starting to March and move again but unlike 15 years ago the emphasis is on overall GE, music and visual theming - rather than who can push the drill the farthest. This season went by fast and I am looking forward to what next year brings. ✌️
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    It was pretty uncalled for and in poor taste. I rather like Dan Potter so the fact that came out of his mouth was shocking to me. Not a cool thing to say but he acknowledges he made a mistake.
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    Carolina Crown - Gabriel's Oboe Just got to work and Yo-Yo Ma was playing it on Pandora.
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    A “Big band” concept would be amazing by any number of corps. A New Orleans concept That was based in jazz but focused on the unique culture of that area would be pretty neat and, musically, very interesting. And while I probably would regret it, after seeing the bluecoats show, and watching the new Elton John movie, a show based on his music would be a blast. No pun intended.
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    Maybe they made a conscious choice to just let the music speak in that production and let visual take a back seat. No monkeybars. No overproduced sound effects. No silly choreography. Just the music. Sorry if it offended your design expertise, but it moved me emotionally more than anything else this season. I know it's shocking, but music -- all on it's own -- can produce far more effect than any prop can hope to. And sometimes you just need to let it speak. Congrats to Crown for reminding us.
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    Regardless of the question(s) asked or who asks them, my opinion remains unchanged: live, sideline interviews add no value to the show.
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    Cadets.org has pointed to yea.org for a long time
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    For me it has to be the Blue Devils. It was the solo at the start, and the lead up to the rotating drill - gave me chills. Some of my other favorites from this incredible season are: 1. Blue Devils 2. Cavies 3. Bluecoats 4. Blue Knights 5. Boston
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    If you would share this on your social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc)... We would appreciate it.
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    It happens every year. Period. Quit with the conspiracy theories.
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    I found this multi-part explanation by a gymnastics fan about the difficulty of Simone Biles's recent triple-double to be super helpful, and I wish there was more commentary of this sort in drum corps fandom -- complete with gifs (or short audio clips). Scroll all the way through and you'll also find a poignant reminder of a parallel between the recent histories of drum corps and gymnastics. (Some individual corps' own videos do provide a little analysis of this sort, but one thing I liked about that thread was how video of Biles was compared to video of other gymnasts, which obviously the corps will not do.)
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    For sale: 1 wall, 12 pieces, easy to assemble. Disclaimer: wall is known to fall down periodically, but not to worry. It will right itself quickly.
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    Wasn't that what we did with the G Bugles back in the 70s?
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    Everybody wants to rule the world................... BAC
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    If you want to win the Ott and finish 12th that would be the way to approach it.
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    My friend who has 2020 just reminded me of our wager in 2012. Come on BD hold off for one more year before the big 2-0. The ones with 2023 and 2024 have no shot. There's no way BD doesn't win at least once in the next 3 years.
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    This was my exact scenario and error message as well. I've sent several messages to the FloSports contact info and tech support with no response beyond "we're sorry and are checking into it".
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    Not judged until Tony lowers his hand. What Madison did was considered pre show I'd say. The time card starts at 3(?) minutes I believe.
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    It is ALWAYS cold in LOS. The cold air vents are right over the 200s / 300s /400s, so that seems to be the coldest. Football game, soccer match, BOA, ISSMA...I am always cold. I've volunteered all around the building and sat all around the building, and I'll say that mid-stands are the worst for cold, as is the tunnel at times. The dock/prop area can be hot as hell, and the field is actually fairly comfortable. I always bring a jacket or sweater.
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    Not sure what music you would pair with it, but a show at least with a visual concept based on the art and life of Yayoi Kusama. With her fascination with polka dots and her infinity mirrored rooms...….I could see a few corps doing this.....BK comes to mind
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    Someone please correct me, but wasn't Madison's entry on the field -- while magnificent and a crowd-pleaser -- not judged as the performance hadn't officially started? Loved it by the way and well as BD's last season. (Hi Fred! We missed seeing you this year!)
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    Nice design of the ad. Good locations, too. I have no doubt they will attract very talented and energetic members who want to carry-on the great traditions of The Cadets.
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    Lol went to Cooperstown, NY in middle of August and froze at night. Went to a store in town and couldn’t find anything warm . So asked where can I get a sweatshirt. Was told “Baseball Hall of Fame has nice ones”. Now there is collusion. 😉 Then I asked where do locals buy clothes.... problem resolved for less that $50
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    I heard the reason why John William's is not done is because the copyrights are prohibitively expensive.
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    No the Bowling event was a Trailer for the PBA event, It would play as soon as soon as you opened the Flo Sports App.. So everytime the APP crashed and kicked me out to the Main Fire Stick Screen, Once you open the FloSports app again the PBA commentary would automatically start playing.. And sometimes not stop once you started the DCI stream..
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    I've seen this in HS circles. Loaded question and I don't know the answer: Are they doing this by getting in alumni and then kind of conniving them to take the lower pay as a way to pay back the corps for what they got out of it? I saw that happening in one particular instance where a Catholic School basically took two of their alumni and wrenched their arms to work for peanuts for years. Fast food money for full time jobs.
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    Nothing wrong in growing a young audience. It's essential to any activity. MLB is desperately trying to do just that. What makes me wonder is the perceived very short shelf life of the new fans with DCI. No major sports that I know if have a fan base that's a 3 year expendable crop. They want people to follow for a long time from young on. They try to get the new fans in, but then they try to keep them. I really can't see the model as healthy unless it's more of a throw the hands up and run with the HS Band model, which is a weird duck to begin with in so many ways. Might explain why I feel Bandma Jones and Aunt Mabel are shoving me out the door while they scream "THEY'RE ALWAYS READYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" for you know who.
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    Thank you for your positive encouragement to the Cavies and the dedicated fans.
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    Take these sunken eyes and learn to see.
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    I hardly beat up on anyone. The overly sensitive always play that card. Until enough people get angry enough to make enough noise the situation will continue to worsen until no one will be able to join the corp. because the corp. will have to fold. Only then will people wake up and then it will be too late.
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    Bloo's show is one I'll watch many more times fondly. It is a classic.
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    Your opinion is noted and your membership in the “I hate Will Pitts coven” has been extended for another year. Do you even know him? I’ll go out on a limb and ask if you have even marched/or worked for the corps. I can’t imagine you actually were a part of the organization because one of the basic things we learned as MMs/support staff was respect....which you lack in spades. It’s okay to disagree but to attack him personally as you do tells me you have deeper unresolved issues than just Will’s ability to arrange music. Go get help. Soon. You need it.
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    Wonderful news, Austin. Hope you are w/ #BAC80. Guts and talent! Thank-you Giant.
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    I'm just going to say it and announce: ( written in white)
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    Gonna go ahead and predict the predictions in this thread BD haters will ignore the obvious talent and strengths of the corps and say that BD drops to 3rd place or lower next year Along the same lines, people will underestimate Bloo and their crowd-winning shows and say they too will drop Optimistically thinking Cadets, Cavies, or BAC will medal. Phantom/Madison gloom and doom. People somehow letting SCV out of the conversation.
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    I disagree. The champions just had tap shoes in the their hands like puppets and they also played modern pop music...talk about cheese. and that won. The entire Bloo Beatles production was a cheesy show. they had a bow and encore. I think the design team knows what they are doing.
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    I’m just waiting with baited breath to see which shoes each corps will be playing next year. 👞👟👠 Maybe blue Stars will finally put their timberlands to good use. 😁
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    Maybe he’s earned the trust?
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    This is really irresponsible IMO. If you're a Cadets' insider, you should let the organization and the people involved make their announcements. It's a very bad look, and very disrespectful to existing staff, to announce stuff with anonymous leaks on public forums.
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    Who are you? Other than anonymous and irresponsible? Here is a thought - let the organization announce changes then we can cross post them here
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    Why not both? They both satisfy completely different things for me. Blue Devils in their incredibly sophisticated themes and presentations paired with impeccable visual performance and Bluecoats in their incredible energy as performers and wildly entertaining shows. If this year has shown me anything, it’s that you do a show based completely on popular music or a really sophisticated theme and it doesn’t matter. It’s just how you do what you do, and can both be successful.
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