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    More mature brass sound. More mature brass book. More mature Cavaliers show design. Nothing like they’ve done in a very long time. Hope it translates well on the field and to the fans. Very excited to see them in California and Arizona.
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    Wait till you hear this show. A complete departure from the mash-ups of the last three seasons. You are going to love it. Everytime I listen I like it even more. Dare I say this on DCP...but I think the writing may be just as mature and complex as Boston. Definitely prefer Cavies ballad.
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    Drum line warming up https://www.pscp.tv/w/b9V6FzYwMTEyNzR8MWt2SnBPUWROUk1HRT8Mv3Np1sKxXc8IO0vyCNvihC6c_LNk-AmZIB6JlcGR
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    I’ll fill mine in after the show dates.
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    Boston Crusaders 2017 is one of the few shows where I enjoy every single thing about the show. The ballad is incredible in that one, the whole show is so unrelenting, intense, and entertaining. That ended up being my favorite of 2017.
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    8am is still my fave. The brass were so good, they made me cry.
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    I think there were only four corps that placed below Pioneer. Music City or River City Rhythm would be my guess at corps moving up the most.
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    Troopers breaking their mold is the best thing. Hopefully this is a new beginning away from the western only shows.
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    So they so they are Starship Troopers?
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    2007 Carolina Crown. Triple Crown is what solidified my love for this corps. It also helps that the show was SUPER fun to watch from an audience perspective.
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    DCI corps and fans have been enjoying a great run these past few years.
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    Got to love the smile from the FE guy at 52".
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    Wow I totally forgot they were going out west. This is going to be a fun summer.
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    I would say that design wise, he definitely doesn't shine like some of the more experienced designers at the top of the heap. But to be fair, he also hasn't been doing this for 20 years either. He needs some seasoning. I like what I see (hear) from them this year as far as the brass book. The battery book seems a little heavy handed but I also have only heard anything of it in a 40 second snippet and then a standstill with HORRID acoustics for marching percussion. I'll withhold judgement until I see the entire package. And who knows, in 5 years or so maybe we'll be using phrases like 'Another brilliant Will Pitts design / arrangement." I always look at stuff like this and kind of circle back to my own experiences in building cues. I've had people come to me and hand me a cue that I built in 2005. Back then, I was proud as peach of that cue I'm sure. Every time this happens, I offer to buy the cue back and make a new one which is at least equal in design at no additional cost to the customer. Then I take that old cue and I BURN IT. We grow in art as we gain experience. Let's give the cat a chance. Just MHO
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    I could have a huge multiple tie for 6th, but my all time favorite would be Madison in 1999 (“Jesus Christ, Superstar”). Close behind 2012 Bluecoats, a show I’ve always believed is an underrated gem.
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    Me either, hopefully everything works out and I can make it to ensemble Tuesday!
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    I was at the send off show tonight - 2019 Cavaliers - WOW!
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    You’re usually pretty brutally honest regarding them so hearing you so excited makes me very excited. Can’t wait to see the show!
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    Did you see the thing at the end of the show?
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    I’d look miserable too if I had to wear those Troopers, um...what are they?
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    It was more about that particular number and the maturity of some of the readers of this thread. 😁
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    While I actually really like the new look, I can see the Troopers falling into the same scenario that Madison is in - they go for it really hard for a year or two, find mixed success but ultimately fall backwards, and then in a year or two, we'll see a "return to the tradition that made us who we are" or some slight variation on that.
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    I don't disagree with any statements so far. I just wish they had really "gone for it".
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    Troopers 2019 show/uniform drop: https://youtu.be/RV5ZDS0RIXc Divertimento for Band Op2 Vincent Persichetti Enterprising Young Men Michael Giacchino Wondrous Light John Estacio To the Stars Randy Edelman Chorale VI/Cantus - Song of Aeolus Karl Jenkins Main Title (from The Orville) Bruce Broughton Krill Attack / Shuttle Escape (from the Orville) Bruce Broughton
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    Reorganize them in order from highest to lowest score
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    I am going to go with 2017 Boston as well. I am so bummed the ballad didn’t make the BluRay.
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    I dread to see the YouTube comment guy complaining about the designers owing us an explanation 😓
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    Naw, I think your man card gets upgraded to platinum when you have the courage to embrace your emotions.
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    Looks like 2017 for sure
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    Video of crown uniform https://www.instagram.com/p/Byu2qnUB393/?igshid=1eo2p3a6inbdz
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    Gotta be Crown 2007. That was the hornline that made me realize that Crown was for real now.
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    That's the one they use for parades, I think.
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    That should be our official DCP shirt to wear at shows LOL.
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    You weren't the only one....a thing of love and beauty.
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    In a 'British' pub: If someone is drinking Dartmore Best the target will move left to right. If someone is drinking Newcastle Brown the target will move up and down. If someone is drinking Harvey's Imperial the target will move near to far. If someone is drinking an American Lager the darts will be thrown at them!
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    Oh. There was more. I like the ballad. A lot. Gave me goosebumps. 😮
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    The best "uniform reveal" I can remember during my years with drum corps was in June of 1976... when the Bridgemen, with a police escort out front, came marching down the street and into Bayonne's Veterans Stadium with their new "banana coat" uniforms. For those of us in attendance that night, when those unis came into full view under the stadium lights... it was epic. This was definitely not your father's Bridgemen. LOL
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    Whenever corps have to march on tarps, I spend the whole time watching the ###### tarp and stressing about whether any poor kid is gonna trip on it and ruin the show, or worse, their knees. It’s stupid and needless, and designers should just agree there are better ways to tell a story.
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    I was thinking about all the comments about music being broken up. My wife, a bystander fan (or someone who puts up with DCI on my account), and a British Lit teacher, mentioned immediately that she could pick out the many ups and downs of the JoA story just by listening to music. She actually recounted the story to me along to the music. She was impressed by how well the music fit the ebb and flow of the story. If you aren’t familiar with Joan’s story, there are a lot of ups and downs: the calling, identifying the king, winning battles, losing battles, being questioned for heresy, confessing, recanting, being burned. Listen to it again with the story in mind. I believe it actually makes sense. The big question is whether there will be a good translation of the story visually. It seems like a layup, but likely quite difficult. It’s all so much like Spartacus, which was not well received for much of the season. Too bad Joan can’t rush the DM stand and light the bishop on fire at the end. 😂
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    I think Klesch is more responsible for Crown's sound than Harloff. Go listen to Marcus High School, they have that same blend and balance that Crown has and they're arranged by Klesch. Meanwhile Avon High School has a very bright and intense kind of sound, taught by Harloff and arranged by Jay Bocook.
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    Well here's another vague rehearsal observation for you: I believe that 2019's props may just be the best ever used by Cadets. And this is coming from a guy who doesn't much like props.
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    Pit feet....all I have to say...….
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    absolutely. And, I reserve the use of parable as something from the Gospels.
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    Well, I don't consider it simple. Just as I don't consider a war to be a story, I call it history.
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    Parable? Nope.
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    a friend called me from inside the stadium so I could hear Crocker announce them on the field
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/Byu2qnUB393/?igshid=1eo2p3a6inbdz Video of the uniform
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